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LiveJournal is now requiring even people who log in through OpenID (e.g. me) to accept this user agreement in order to read anything:

As [personal profile] kshandra pointed out:

"Lemme say that one more time for the folks in the back:

ATTENTION: this translation of the User Agreement is not a legally binding document.

So unless I agree to something written in a language I do not read, I can no longer access a blog I have been using over fifteen years."

I actually can read a little Russian (the three years I took in college haven't totally evaporated), but that doesn't mean I have enough confidence in my fluency to sign a contract written in it.

So it is unlikely that I'll be reading LiveJournal at all for much longer (I can still scroll through my friends page with part of it blocked by the modal dialog, but I don't expect that to keep working), which means that I won't be seeing your friends-only posts there, especially if you are [livejournal.com profile] caladri. Migrate over here and let me know. (Or migrate somewhere else and let me know.)
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Mostly of interest to people who supported me on Patreon, though I'm also posting this here since the links in past posts to my Patreon page won't work any more (and I don't know of a quick way to edit them to reflect that.)

I've reverted my Patreon account to patron-only status and will no longer be accepting donations via Patreon. Having a Patreon was a good experiment and I'm glad I tried it; with this year's regression in US politics, I've decided that my limited time for activism should be spent primarily on things that aren't writing. I don't intend to stop writing blog posts, but I also don't intend to keep writing at a rate that justifies having a monthly Patreon account. In addition, I just passed my one-year anniversary working at [big company] as an engineer, and (unless something changes) don't have any immediate plans to leave. This both affects the amount of time/energy I have for writing, as well as my comfort level being paid regularly for my writing regardless of how much I produce.

It means more to me than I can say to have people recognize my work in this way, so if you supported me at some point during the past 13 months, thank you. If you're looking for other creators to support instead, I recommend Amy Dentata, Katherine Cross, Sarah Sharp, and Sophie Labelle (creator of the Assigned Male comic strip).

I believe that nobody will be charged for January, but if I'm wrong about that, I will donate all proceeds to charity (as I did for December).
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I'll try not to do this every month, but October marked the first month of my experiment using Patreon. Thanks to the 24 people who supported me! You know who you are, although hopefully you also got a more detailed thank-you from me via Patreon (it's a little hard to tell if a message got sent).

This month, I wrote (here) about emotional labor in tech, and about cognitive liberation and bodily autonomy, thanks to the encouragement I received via your contributions. I'm planning a more ambitious post, or possibly series of posts, for the middle of November.

To everybody else: If you can afford to, and if you think I contribute at least as much to the Internet as ESR does, then how about supporting me in November?
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After years of grumbling, I finally gave in and created a Tumblr account; I'm [tumblr.com profile] emotionallaborunion there.

As an experiment, I'm going to try posting some writing over there, since I like Tumblr's tagging and reblogging capabilities. I don't intend to abandon Dreamwidth.

Accordingly, go over to Tumblr if you want to read my thoughts on the Mountain Goats show in Dallas last night and the end of just-short-of-two weeks of following them on tour.
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ETA: Cat-sitter found. Roadtripping with the kitties!

I'm looking for a Bay Area person to take care of my two adorable one-year-old cats (this is how adorable they are, though they're bigger now) in their home from 12/15-12/25 while I'm out of town for surgery. Can reciprocate in pet-sitting for your pets in the future, booze, money, baked goods, we'll figure something out.

And by "their home" I mean yours, since (understandably) nobody wanted to stay in my place (yurt in Los Gatos, or at least, I'll be moved into it before December) for ten days to pet-sit/yurt-sit. It's not a location that's going to be easy for anyone to get to twice a day, either.

If someone could help me out on a bartering or below-professional-pet-sitter-rate basis, that would be awesome, as I'll be paying to board the bunnies and I have plenty of expenses with traveling to Arizona for surgery and so on, all at once. Thanks!
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I think it's time for me to institute a comment policy. I already had something like one on my user info page, but I'm not sure how many people look at that.

Comment policy

I like comments, especially those that disagree with me or challenge me to think further, as such comments encourage me to grow and learn. I don't like or need comments that undermine my narrative of my own experience or suggest, no matter how subtly, that I or my friends aren't fully human or shouldn't be treated equally to others; as abuse doesn't encourage me to grow and learn. This journal is heavily moderated; if you object to that, please seek out a different forum.

If you comment, I have a few requests:

  1. Refrain from phobic or discriminatory speech, or speech that (in the words of s.e. smith) suggests that "people don't deserve autonomy, dignity, and a place in society."
  2. Refrain from comments that have the effect of silencing or derailing (see Derailing for Dummies for additional examples).
  3. As a corollary, refrain from questioning the existence of privilege or systematic oppression. There are many resources available online and offline for learning about these issues.
  4. Provide a name or pseudonym that reflects a consistent online presence (as opposed to so-called "throwaway" or "sockpuppet" identities).
My journal settings don't allow comments that are completely anonymous, but it's easy to set up an effectively anonymous account, though I'll still see your IP address. I do screen all comments from people not on my Dreamwidth access lists. The last rule isn't hard-and-fast, as there are good reasons for allowing anonymous comments. However, if you violate rule #1 and/or #2, and do it anonymously, I’m very unlikely to publish your comment. If you violate rules #1 or #2 repeatedly, I will ban your account from commenting.

Just as I'm allowed to decide who's allowed in and what goes on in my living room, the same goes for my journal. I reserve the right to:

  1. Moderate comments from people not known to me.
  2. Not publish your comment at all or delete it after it’s been published.
  3. Restrict comments for a particular post, or never allow them in the first place.
  4. Make any comments on this blog public, even when I have screening enabled by default. When you write a comment on this blog, you should assume it will be visible to everyone on the Web. (This doesn't apply to respectful comments if you explicitly ask that they not be made public.)
  5. Repost any comment as part of a public post. (See previous item.)
  6. Modify these rules at any time.
This policy is adapted from Christie Koehler's comment policy.

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I'll be posting all my stuff over here on Dreamwidth now, without crossposting.

If you don't have access to trusted-only posts here and think you should, let me know. If you have a LiveJournal account, you automatically have an OpenID account that you can use to read my posts here (without giving Dreamwidth anything but an email address). Here are instructions for that.

If you want me to be able to read and comment on your friends-only LiveJournal posts, you can add tim.dreamwidth.org as a friend there. However, I'm not really sure how often I'll be reading anything that's only on LiveJournal (until I find out about a way to read friends-only posts via an RSS aggregator or something along those lines).
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It looks like I would still have to log in to LiveJournal to read your friends-only posts via OpenID, so I might as well keep logging in to LiveJournal using my existing username, so if you already have me listed as a friend there, you don't need to change anything.

If you want to read my posts, they will show up on your friends list via cross-posting.

If you want to comment on any of my posts, you'll have to log in to Dreamwidth using OpenID, as before. If you want to comment on a friends-only post that I've made, you'll have to log in to Dreamwidth using OpenID and be on my Dreamwidth friends list. I've added some people's LiveJournal identities, will be adding more as necessary, but won't necessarily be adding everyone from my LJ friends list.

That resolves it for now, I hope.
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After almost eight years of using LiveJournal, I think it's time to call it quits; since the DOS attack two days ago, I haven't been able to write new posts there or post comments on most journals, or change settings. I can't submit a support request there to ask what's going on since I can't seem to do anything that requires writing to the database. I was already leaning towards using Dreamwidth for everything, but this situation gave me the last bit of motivation I needed. Thanks, LiveJournal!

So I'll be making both public and friends-only posts here from now on. As a test, I've added the OpenID URLs for a few LiveJournal friends to my "circle" on this account. If I've added you, I'd appreciate it if you could try adding the OpenID URL http://tim.dreamwidth.org/ as a friend on the LJ side so I can figure out whether your posts will show up on my reading page here.

If you want to read my posts from the LJ side, you can add http://tim.dreamwidth.org/ as a friend. I'm not sure whether friends-only posts I make will show up on your friends list on LJ if I add you as a friend here. I'll make a friends-only post next in order to test that.

A reminder that if you have an OpenID account (like the one that you already have if you use LiveJournal), you have to log in to Dreamwidth first in order to leave comments on my posts (or anyone else's). With hope it should let you stay logged in so you don't have to do that any time. You also won't be able to comment unless you have a validated email address.

If you read my "other" journal on LJ, I haven't figured out what to do with that one yet, so stay tuned.

-- the user formerly known as catamorphism

P.S. For some bizarre reason, the crossposter still works -- so that's the only way I can post to my LiveJournal account right now. If you have any questions about how the whole OpenID / Dreamwidth thing works, I'm happy to try to answer, though I may not understand it any better than you do.

ETA (Sunday): Looks like this cross-site stuff is more complicated than I'd hope; I'll try to straighten things out tomorrow when I'm not busy rescuing my work computer's b0rked hard drive. (whee!)
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Hello world,

As part of my ongoing efforts to rethink how I interact with people online, I've removed some people from my friends list. If:
- I don't interact with you much online
- I don't read your journal
- I don't have an off-LJ connection with you
- or some combination of varying extents of the above
then there's a chance I've removed you from my friends list. There shouldn't really be any surprises here, but if you have a problem, you know how to email me. You probably also know where my public-posting journal is, and are welcome to read and comment there.

I also removed deleted journals except for the one that I thought might be coming back.


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