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ETA: All CDs that haven't been claimed yet have been sold/given away. Thanks for playing!

See Part 1 for the details!

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ETA: All books have been taken and/or distributed to an appropriate bookatorium. Thanks for playing!

If you have not checked out my free books posts:




I'm giving everything that hasn't been requested away (or selling it...) tomorrow.

If you already asked for some books, I've set them aside, but if you haven't already, you should either send me your address if you're not local, or tell me when you want to hang out if you *are* local. I have nothing to do this weekend except pack! Also, am in the East Bay and San Francisco tomorrow. (If you're local and want me to mail them, I will, but after grumbling about not getting to see you.)

I've got one more free CD post coming -- watch this space!
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See part 1 for instructions, and part 2. All are paperback unless otherwise noted. This is the last and final part!

Comics and misc:

Envelope of random indie comics -- about 14 of them. Surprise grab bag! Tak eone, take all.
Original Plumbing (issues 2 and 3)
Here Comes Snoopy (Charles M. Schulz)
Queen of the Black Black (comics) (Megan Kelso) [I just read this and it was really good. Not keeping it, though.)
DVD: Jesus is Magic
Get Fuzzy: Groovitude (Darby Conley) [Recycle]
Ronald Reagan in Movie America (Jules Feiffer)
Pinhead's Progress (Bill Griffith) [Recycle]
King Pin (Bill Griffith) [Recycle]
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Free CDs!

Nov. 5th, 2012 08:30 pm
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I'm trying to cut back on CDs even more radically, keeping ones I want to have in the car and relying on electronic format for everything else. So, if there's something here you like, assume I'll still be listening to it and I just don't need the physical medium. If there's something here that makes you question my taste in music, well, I probably never liked it in the first place.

Same deal as with books: definitely free for Bay Area people, willing to ship within reason to North Americans at no cost to you. I just want someone else to get some enjoyment out of some of these! Whatever doesn't go in a few days will get taken to Rasputin or Half Price Books.
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I'm moving yet again, and am trying to cull my book collection. The following are free to any local people (Bay Area, probably even So. Cal since I'll be there soonish). I'm willing to ship paperbacks (P) for free to non-local people within North America. I'm more reluctant to ship hardcovers (H) but maybe we can make a deal. Feel free to link to this post; offer is open to people who don't know me!

I expect I'll end up donating all or most of these locally, of course, but I figured I'd offer in case a friend happens to have a burning desire for one of these. (This post is also to track what books I'm giving away so I can remember them later if needed.) Also, I reserve the right to sell anything that turns out to be worth any money, instead.

For the curious, I bolded books I've already read (and, obviously, didn't want to read again). Crossed-out ones are claimed.

ETA: There's more! Part 2

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I'm giving away the following shirts. I will pay for postage (if you like what you get, just make a donation to your favorite gay-baby-seal-loving charity -- but not the HRC) -- just leave me a comment with your mailing address and (if I don't know it already) name. Comments are screened. Offer valid even if I don't know you! It's all good!

1. "Intellectual Slut", white on black, size L but it's an American Apparel "Standard American" so it's more like a men's M at best. I used to love this shirt but now that people perceive my gender differently, I don't think it's all that cool for me to wear "slut" on my proverbial sleeve anymore.

2. "feminists do it better", white on black, size L American Apparel "Classic Girl", so it's sleeveless. Love it, but doesn't fit me anymore.

3. "master of my domain", white with an orange graphic of, well, a graph (hyperbola) on a dark brown shirt. Size L "No Star" brand, but it actually seems more like a men's S. Only worn a few times, doesn't fit me anymore.

4. "Everything else is just dysfunctional programming!" shirt with a list of functional programming languages, green/gray text on white, size L. You can see the crisp new version on CafePress, but since it's a CafePress shirt, the background of the design is discolored slightly since it was a transfer. Still legible. I don't feel like I can reasonably wear this shirt anymore since I work on evil non-purely-functional programming.

5. "If You Drink, Don't Drill!" Life in Hell shirt (it says "Life in Hell" on the back) featuring Binky. Men's XL, black design on white. This shirt is awesome, but my bunnies ate part of it and I cut out the collar area, resulting in a rather revealing neckline. After much thought, I've decided I don't want to wear such a risque shirt anymore. But it works fine over a black turtleneck or something. Definitely on the verge of falling apart -- only for those diehard Matt Groening fans (or possibly for turning into a pillow or something if you're crafty).

Image of all the shirts

If I've offered one of these shirts before and you requested it and I forgot, then I apologize! Please request again.

Also, if you're reading this on Facebook, comments will not be screened. Private-message me your contact info if you don't want the world to see it.
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I'm giving away the following T-shirts. As with everything else, you don't need to pay me anything for postage but you can donate to my favorite charity if you want, or else, pay it forward.

If you want something, comment with (1) which ones you want; (2) your address. (Comments screened.)

1. "RTFM", white on black, from ThinkGeek. Size L. I outgrew this one (and I don't mean it's too small). taken by [livejournal.com profile] jholomorphic

2. Boston anagrams T map, like this but not organic cotton. I found that as with many CafePress shirts, the letters aren't clear enough to read from a distance. White, size L. Gone

3. "My Other Computer Is a Linux System", fuschia letters on white, "Linux Journal" in small letters below. Size L. A little faded, but that adds to the charm. Gone

4. Escher's "Drawing Hands", no words, black on white. Size L. Gone

5. Wellesley shirt, just says "Wellesley" in big blue letters and sort of a flowery shield design (not the actual college seal). Gray, size L. Probably only of interest if you went to Wellesley, and possibly not even then. Gone

6. Avenue Q "It Sucks To Be Me" shirt, white lettering on black. Size L. I only wore this a few times, then got tired of people asking me why it sucks to be me in a concerned tone of voice. taken by [livejournal.com profile] jholomorphic

7. "Gender Fucked", purple lettering on blue sleeveless shirt, size M (the American Apparel "Classic Girl" style, so it runs small), from Mushycat. taken by [personal profile] thisone

8. On the front: "program n. a logical sequence of operations to be performed by a computer that usually results in error message. v.t. to engage in an activity similar to banging one's head against a wall." On the back: "Cuervo Tradicional, The Legendary Tequila". No, I don't know what to tell you either. Yellowish-orangish, size XL. (I would be wearing this if it wasn't too big for me.) Tentatively gone

9. "Project Steve" shirt from the National Center for Science Education -- except this is an older version of the shirt, because it's dark blue and only has 600 scientists named Steve. Same concept, though. Size L. Gone

10. Black spaghetti-strap tank top with white "Cambridge" design with a drawing of bikes locked to a fence. The label says "One Size", but that is a lie. I've only worn this once or twice, because it was always too small. I'm guessing it should really be a M or even perhaps S. It is from the Cambridge in the UK, but you could pretend it's from the other Cambridge if you like. Gone

11. "Haskell Hackers: We're not afraid of a little unsafePerformIO" shirt, CafePress, size L, black. I was the official test marketing focus panel for this shirt. But I don't really do that much Haskell for its own sake anymore, so it should go to someone who can get behind the message. taken by [livejournal.com profile] rjmccall

12. "Science Rules" shirt, blue on white. The image there isn't very good, but it says "Science Rules!" in big letters overlaid over various scientific laws in small type. Size L. Gone

13. "I ♥ Nerds", black letters (with a white heart) on green, babydoll-style, size L. Gone

14. They Might Be Giants ringer shirt (black with white collar and cuffs), with all the TMBG song titles (at the time) arranged in the shape of a T-shirt on the front, and "Dial-a-Song" on the back. The design is pretty small. Size L (I think), but doesn't fit me. taken by [livejournal.com profile] jholomorphic

That's all for now!
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As many of you know, I am moving to California in 12 days, and then moving back to Portland only to immediately move again -- within Portland -- destination TBA -- on July 1. So, I am trying to get rid of some things.

Item #1: This poster of people engaging in more or less every sex act known to humankind, by Erika Moen and Lucy Knisley. The colors appear to be slightly different from what's shown in the linked-to post, but it's more or less the same idea. Most of the people are skinny and white, which is one reason why I'm getting rid of it. The other is that Erika Moen is a big ol' transphobe, which I didn't know when I bought the poster (well, I sort of knew, but it's complicated). It is signed by the artists. 23.5 inches (wide) by 15.5 inches. I will mail this to the first person who replies, whether that person is someone I know or not. Comments are screened, so you can leave your mailing address. No need to reimburse me for postage, but you can make a donation to Partners in Health in lieu of that, if you want. Taken!

Comments are no longer screened.


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