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ETA: Cat-sitter found. Roadtripping with the kitties!

I'm looking for a Bay Area person to take care of my two adorable one-year-old cats (this is how adorable they are, though they're bigger now) in their home from 12/15-12/25 while I'm out of town for surgery. Can reciprocate in pet-sitting for your pets in the future, booze, money, baked goods, we'll figure something out.

And by "their home" I mean yours, since (understandably) nobody wanted to stay in my place (yurt in Los Gatos, or at least, I'll be moved into it before December) for ten days to pet-sit/yurt-sit. It's not a location that's going to be easy for anyone to get to twice a day, either.

If someone could help me out on a bartering or below-professional-pet-sitter-rate basis, that would be awesome, as I'll be paying to board the bunnies and I have plenty of expenses with traveling to Arizona for surgery and so on, all at once. Thanks!
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