Oct. 1st, 2014

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As of September 19th, functional programmers and friends had surpassed not just our initial goal of $4096, but also our first stretch goal of $8192 and second stretch goal of $10,000!

And amazingly, since then, we've raised another $2407 without really trying -- at this writing, we're up to $12,407, most recently thanks to a donation from Simon Peyton Jones. I think Simon deserves a lot of the credit for building the supportive community that I discussed in my initial post about why the Ada Initiative matters to functional programming, so I'm grateful for his support for this challenge.

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The Ada Initiative announced their overall fundraising goal: $150,000, which they're currently about $32,000 away from, with 8 days to go:

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Besides raising money, the other goal of the functional programming challenge was to lobby the ACM to be more uniform about communicating its anti-harassment policy to conference attendees. 31 people (last time I checked) specifically tweeted at [twitter.com profile] TheOfficialACM, although only [twitter.com profile] chrisamaphone had the ingenuity to directly tie it in to what was their most recent tweet at the time:

No reply so far. However, I'm aware that there are other ways besides Twitter to contact the ACM, and I'm in touch with several people who are active in SIGPLAN to discuss next steps.

Note that there have been 686 individual donors so far. Of those, at least 59 donated as part of the functional programming community challenge (including 58 individuals and one company, AlephCloud Systems). That means 8.6% of TAI's total donors for the fall fundraiser donated through the functional programming challenge! (And actually more than that, since the count of 59 only includes people who gave permission for their names to be used on TAI's web site.)

So far, we've donated $12,407 out of a total of $118,469 -- which means 10.5% of TAI's total donations came from the functional programming community! As much as I'd like to think functional programmers make up ten percent of all programmers (and actually, people who donated to TAI also include librarians, hackerspace supporters, people interested in the intersection of science, technology, and culture, and science fiction/fantasy fans, among other people who may or may not be programmers), I know we're a smaller percentage than that. But we're overrepresented among TAI supporters, which is great.

It's not too late to skew the numbers even further, and if you donate $128 or more, you still get an awesome "Not Afraid to Say the F-Word" sticker pack! And if we do reach $16,384 in the next 8 days, our promise to perform "There's No Type Class Like Show Type Class" and put the recording online still stands.

I would also like to thank everybody else who has donated to #lambda4ada so far. This should be a complete list of people who either gave permission for their names to be used, or tweeted (in the latter case, I'm only using Twitter handles). If you donated and are not on the list, but want to be, let me know. If your name is on the list and I've spelled it wrong (or included alongside your Twitter handle), also let me know.

Adam C. Foltzer (lambda4ada co-organizer)
Chung-chieh Shan (lambda4ada co-organizer)
Clément Delafargue (lambda4ada co-organizer)

Aaron Levin / Weird Canada
Aaron Miller
Alejandro Cabrera
AlephCloud Systems
André Arko
Andy Adams-Moran
Ben Blum
[twitter.com profile] bentnib
Bethany Lister
Brent Yorgey
Carlo Angiuli
Chris Martens
Cidney Hamilton
Colin Barrett
Colin Gourlay
Corey "cmr" Richardson
Dan Licata
Dan Peebles
Daniel Bergey
Daniel Patterson
Daniel Ross
David Smith
David Van Horn
[twitter.com profile] dorchard
Dylan Thurston
Edward Kmett
Ellen Spertus
Eni Mustafaraj
Eric Rasmussen
Eric Sipple
Florent Becker
Glenn Willen
Holly M
J. Ian Johnson
Jack Moffitt
James Gary
John Garvin
Jon Sterling
[twitter.com profile] joshbohde
Joshua Dunfield
Justin Bailey
Ken Keiter
Kevin Scaldeferri
[twitter.com profile] kowey
Lars Hupel
Levent Erkok
[twitter.com profile] lindsey
Lucas Bradstreet
Lyn Turbak
M Wallace
[twitter.com profile] MaggieLitton
Manuel Chakravarty
Michael Greenberg
Neel Krishnaswami
Pat Hickey
Peter Fogg
Philip Wadler
Prabhakar Ragde
Ryan Wright
[twitter.com profile] shelfuu
[twitter.com profile] simrob
[twitter.com profile] tomburns
Will Salz
Wouter Swierstra

Many of the people above tweeted under #lambda4ada to announce that they donated and to lobby the ACM. The following people also tweeted under #lambda4ada in order to pressure the ACM:

[twitter.com profile] atombeast
Conor McBride [twitter.com profile] pigworker

Thank you all -- including those of you who preferred not to be named -- for all you've done so far, including donating, communicating with the ACM, and telling your friends in the functional programming community about the challenge! It makes me so happy.

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I submitted the following comment using the form at https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/forms/corporate-responsibility-contact-us.html . If you feel similarly, I encourage you to submit your own comment!
To whom it may concern:

I am disappointed to learn that Intel made the decision to pull its advertising from Gamasutra. I understand that Intel made this decision under pressure from people identifying themselves with the "Gamergate" coordinated harassment campaign. Gamergate is a concerted effort on the part of a small group of virulently misogynist men to drive women out of the video game industry. While the actual number of people involved in it is small, they have directed a huge amount of harassment at any woman who they see as a threat: that is, every woman they can find who makes or plays video games. Links with more details can be found at http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Gamergate_coordinated_harassment_campaign .

By pulling its advertising from Gamasutra, Intel has made the choice to align itself with a hate group that seeks nothing less than to stop women from being employed in the video game industry. Does that represent Intel's views as a corporation?

Tim Chevalier
Co-moderator, geekfeminism.org
Wiki administrator, Geek Feminism Wiki - http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Geek_Feminism_Wiki
Senior Member of Technical Staff, Heroku
Co-signers (added after the fact):

Frances Hocutt
Joshua Wise


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