Dec. 20th, 2009

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If you want me to ask you five questions, you still can :-D

1. What are your Superbowl picks for this season?

I'm going to go listen to some Bach on that day. It's going to be awesome.

2. Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I had to google this to figure out what you were talking about. And having googled it, I think I would have preferred to remain unencumbered by that knowledge ;-)

3. Ben Bernanke for Person of the Year? What were they thinking? Whom would you have picked instead?

I still think the best thing ever written about Ben Bernanke was [personal profile] tgies's answer to a poll question I posted once asking "what's a common object found in an office that you can use instead of scissors, if you don't have scissors?", which was, "your teeth. Or Ben Bernanke's teeth if you're gross."

Anyway, I don't really know what they were thinking, but I'm even more curious about what Obama was thinking when he appointed Geithner and Summers.

I would, of course, pick Al Franken.

4. What's the worst restaurant meal you've ever eaten?

There's probably a worse one, but the worst that comes to mind is a "family Mexican restaurant" in Lompoc, California that David and I ate at during our SF-to-LA bike trip. Lompoc is a horrible place. The "family Mexican food" is worse. In a tragic case of analysis-paralysis, we spent so much time looking for a restaurant that we found inspiring that by the time we finally gave up and sat down to eat, almost everything was closed. Which just made the meal all the more disappointing.

5. If you could have saved one business that's folded during the past year, which would it be?

Ooh, great question. I would save either Buddha's Delight in Boston (which got bought out, as far as I can tell, by some other, much less good restaurant that now occupies the same space) or Cafe Lucha, the vegan coffee shop across the street from me that I'm not sure is actually out of business, but they never seem to be open even during their supposed operating hours.
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kid: "Do you have kids?"
me: "No, I don't."
kid: "Do you have parents?"
me: "I have a mom."
kid: "Do you have a dad?"
me: "No, I don't have a dad."
kid: "Did he die?"
me: "No, I just never had one."
kid: "So you're a kid, then."

(The kid's mom then explained to him that people have a time in between becoming adults and having kids, and that some adults don't even ever have kids.)


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