Jul. 19th, 2009

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Hello internets,

I'm getting rid of some of my clever T-shirts that are either too big for me, or not so clever as per the test of time. If you want one or more of these, let me know. You can paypal me a few bucks for shipping or whatever, really, I'd just rather they go to someone who wants them, and am too lazy to sell things on eBay.

If pictures would help, then ask.

- "snm, I'll tell you where to go today" (parody of MSN logo) with pixelated hand flipping the bird (from Don't Panic). Size L, white.
- Shawn Colvin 1993 Fat City tour shirt (with image of Shawn Colvin resembling the one on the cover of _Fat City_ on the front). Size XL, black. (I really like this shirt, it's just too big for me.) claimed by dangerpudding
- women's symbol on front breast, this text on back:

Size M, white.
claimed by cheshire
- Good Vibrations T-shirt with cartoon diagram of woman's head, caption "What Women Are Really Thinking About" (various fine Good Vibrations products, is the upshot). Apparently this was a limited-edition run for the Folsom Street Fair. Size L, white text on black. claimed by commodorified
- Everybody Loves Eric S. Raymond. Size L, black.
- On the flip side, this shirt ("Hacking Life" with glider design.) Size L, grey. (I can no longer stand to wear anything associated with ESR, whether pro- or anti-.) claimed by cheshire
- Multnomah County Library Summer Reading 2008 shirt with cartoon of bug saying "Read!" in various languages. Size XL, red.
- "MIT because... [front] not everyone can go to Wellesley [back]". Size XL, white. (I found that nobody gets this joke. Plus too big.) claimed by a non-DW-enabled friend
- "I'm blogging this" from ThinkGeek. Size L, white text on black. (This was only cool for a brief period of time. Okay, maybe it was never cool.) claimed by cheshire
- If you're in Portland, about 6 XL and XXL plain solid and striped T-shirts (too boring to mail).


tim: Tim with short hair, smiling, wearing a black jacket over a white T-shirt (Default)
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