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ETA: All CDs that haven't been claimed yet have been sold/given away. Thanks for playing!

See Part 1 for the details!

Campbell, Kate - Rosaryville
Eberhardt, Cliff - Mona Lisa Cafe
Edelman, Judith - Drama Queen
Eddie from Ohio - Portable EFO Show
Eddie from Ohio - Quick
Griffin, Patty - Flaming Red
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - original cast recording
Jump, Little Children - Magazine
Kennedys, The - Evolver
Kennedys, The - Life Is Large

Kessler, Barbara - Stranger to This Land
Kimball, Jennifer - Demo
Kitchen, Terry - Right Now
Kitchen, Terry - That's How It Used to Be

Larkin, Patty - Red = Luck
Larkin, Patty - Regrooving the Dream
Laurens, Rob - The Honey on the Mountain
Lavin, Christine - Absolutely Live
Lavin, Christine - Future Fossils
Lavin, Christine - Getting in Touch with My Inner Bitch
Lavin, Christine - I Was in Love with a Difficult Man
Lavin, Christine - Live at the Cactus Cafe
Lavin, Christine - Please Don't Make Me Too Happy
Lavin, Christine - Shining My Flashlight on the Moon

Le Tigre - Remix
Live From New York - self-titled
Love, Laura - Welcome to Pagan Place
Love, Laura - You Ain't Got No Easter Clothes

L7 - Bricks Are Heavy
Malone, Michelle - New Experience
Malone, Michelle and Drag the River - Relentless

Math and Science - self-titled
McCutcheon, John - The Greatest Story Never Told
McKenna, Lori - Pieces of Me
McKeown, Erin - Grand
McKeown, Erin - Sing You Sinners
McKeown, Erin - We Will Become Like Birds

McLachlan, Sarah - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Miles, Lynn - Slightly Haunted
Miles, Lynn - Unravel
Miller, Bill - Spirit Rain
Mitchell, Joni - Blue
Mitchell, Joni - For the Roses

Mono Puff - It's Fun to Steal to [personal profile] ranyart
Morrissey - Bona Drag
Morrissey - Kill Uncle
Morrissey - Viva Hate
Mould, Bob - Black Sheets of Rain
New Mongrels - Big Cup of Empty
Nields, Nerissa and Katryna - Songs for Amelia
Noonan, Carol - Absolution
Noonan, Carol (Band) - Noonan Building and Wrecking
Ollabelle - Riverside Battle Hymns
Ollabelle - self-titled
Olney, David - Real Lies
Olney, David - Through a Glass Darkly
Queers, The - Don't Back Down
Ray, Amy - Prom
Ray, Amy - Stag

Reagon, Toshi - Have You Heard
Reagon, Toshi - Toshi
Sampou, Les - Sweet Perfume
Schwartz, Eric - Pleading the First: Songs My Mother Hates
Sexton, Colleen - Greatest Find
Shaber, Sam - Eighty Numbered Streets
Shaber, Sam - Perfect
Shannon, Robert and the Dorkestra - Sideways South
Sharar, Linda - Participate
Shindell, Richard - Vuelta
Slean, Sarah - self-titled
Smith, Darden - Little Victories
Sobule, Jill - Happy Town
Sobule, Jill - Things Here Are Different

Stern, Leni - Kindness of Strangers
Taylor, Louise - Ride
Taylor, Louise - Velvet Town

Team Dresch - Personal Best
They Might Be Giants - Here Come the ABCs
They Might Be Giants - No!

Thompson, Sir Charles - Taking Off
Tilston, Steve - And So It Goes
Tingle, Jimmy - Uncommon Sense (comedy)
Tribe 8 - Role Models for Amerika
Trout Fishing in America - Over the Limit
Trout Fishing in America - Who Are These People?
Wellesley Widows - No Cream, No Sugar
Wellesley Widows - Spin This Web

Werner, Susan - Last of the Good Straight Girls
Werner, Susan - Time Between Trains
Wilcox, David - Underneath
various artists - Elmopalooza!
various artists - Signature Sounds Collection, volumes 6, 7 and 8
various artists - Providence: music from the television series
various artists - The Old Vienna Tapes, vol. 1
various artists - Big League Babe: Christine Lavin Tribute (2 discs)
various artists - Wig in a Box (Hedwig tribute)
various artists - Dylan Country

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Date: 2012-11-13 06:32 am (UTC)
miang: Miang Hawwa (with Opiomorph), Xenogears: May God's love be with you (and there's nothing I can do). (Default)
From: [personal profile] miang
Shockingly, I have neither of those TMBG albums, and would thus be happy to take them off your hands. Also the Wellesley Widows CDs, just because.

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Date: 2012-11-13 08:09 pm (UTC)
ranyart: (Scuba-cat)
From: [personal profile] ranyart
Mono Pufffff! =D I haven't heard that album in quite a while.


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