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All I did today was work on the POPL paper. I should probably not *just* do that until the POPL deadline, but it is slightly tempting, given that the last bug I looked at involved scary runtime system stuff. I don't want to talk about the content of the (yet-to-be-submitted) paper much since I'm not the primary author, but you can read a related blog post from Niko if you're curious what the paper was about.
Not directly related to research, but indirectly related as various events have meant that this issue has, once again, been compromising my ability to focus on it: Mozilla still lacks a code of conduct, and that's a problem. The Rust project itself does have a code of conduct; I wish the Mozilla community as a whole could do the same and come to a basic agreement that in this community, we do not arbitrarily exclude people -- and their contributions -- based on traits as opposed to behavior, and that we do not tolerate harassment or insults based on membership in protected classes.

I've got a much longer post about related issues (which won't be posted under the "research" tag, though it might be linked) coming up sometime this month. I hope folks will pardon the foray into not-exactly-research in this post; people write code and being a person who writes code isn't all about formal rules and symbol manipulation.


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