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I went on a four-day trip to Portland, during which I found it hard to write blog posts, so I didn't... even though I was working two of those days, somehow the challenges of working remote (especially from the train -- omg, Amtrak wifi, but I'll rant about that somewhere else) made it hard to do anything but get code in.

And because I didn't write daily blog posts, the past couple days of work are already a bit of a blur in my mind... but the big news is that I was able to remove resources from Rust! And there was much rejoicing. Really, it doesn't help with that much except for getting rid of one more redundant construct from the language; resources are just a special case of classes that have destructors, no methods, and only one field. In any case, I was able to replace classes with resources everywhere (mostly monkey work), fix the bugs that that exposed (there were some), and most happily, make resources callable from the cycle collector; that bug had been blocked on my lack of understanding of the RTS code for a while. I can't say I came to any grand conclusions about the RTS; I got the call to the class destructor to work mostly by trial and error.

Also, making the snapshot that I needed to make in order to land that change was really hard, maybe because the bots were being flaky, maybe because I kept messing up and uploading a version that wasn't quite right. Anyway, it's done now.

Now I'm trying to clean up my outstanding bugs; having some fun with a minor refactor and banging my head against the shape code, the latter of which is also part of the RTS, and involves C++ features I don't really understand. I'll probably have to ask for help with that tomorrow... but for now, lots of "why did this code even work?" moments.

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Date: 2012-06-27 11:13 am (UTC)
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Amtrak has wifi? No matter how bad it was, that has to be an improvement over the last time I took the train (less than a year ago).


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