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For the sake of comprehensiveness:

I'm going to be interning at Mozilla in Mountain View, CA from March 21-June 17. Yes, that means I'll be living a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Mountain View for three months. No, that's not a bad thing. Yes, I wouldn't have thought so a few years ago. While the internship will be a good break from the dysfunctional university where I work and will allow me to pay for my health insurance for the rest of my time in grad school (I never thought that as a science grad student, I'd be spending 20% of my take-home pay for the privilege of being a student), it will tie into my Ph.D research as well, as I'll be working on some combination of the compiler and type-and-effect system for the Rust programming language, and compilation or static analysis for JavaScript.

I'm looking forward to seeing Bay Area people, as well as to working with such people as [livejournal.com profile] lindseykuper (who will be interning there at the same time) and a number of others!

Also, I'm turning 30 in two weeks, and to commemorate the time I spent volunteering in Haiti this past summer, I'm trying to raise $30 from 15 friends to support Partners in Health. Cut-and-pasted from my Causes page:
Hi everybody! Many of you know that I spent a month volunteering in Leogane, Haiti with Hands On Disaster Response (now called All Hands Volunteers). My time there, while brief, impressed upon me the enormity of the task of recovering from a natural disaster in a country that had already suffered more -- and for more clear-cut social, economic and political reasons -- than any group of people ever should.

Partners in Health is a group that has been working in Haiti for decades, and they recognize that helping poor and sick people is inseparable from working for social justice. They are committed to helping where the need is greatest, and addressing the universal right to health care, food, housing, and meaningful work.

For my 30th birthday, it would be great if I could get 15 friends to donate $30 to PIH. However much or little you can afford, I would still appreciate it.

Note for All Hands folks: I couldn't find a "Cause" for All Hands on Facebook. However, if you want to donate to All Hands instead of (or in additional to) PIH, I would appreciate it just as much!

To contribute, go to http://wishes.causes.com/wishes/122455 - and pass the word!

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Date: 2010-12-06 06:37 am (UTC)
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So after three days of trying and failing to force the Causes link to let me donate without logging in to Facebook first (apparently the "I don't have a Facebook account" link is just for show?), I said fuck it and gave directly. I'm sorry it doesn't move your donation meter forward, but hopefully it still contributes to a happier and more fulfilling 30th birthday for you nonetheless. :D
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