Dec. 8th, 2012

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In ten days, I'm turning 0x20 (that's 32 in base ten). I'm asking anyone who would like to celebrate my birthday to make a donation to the Ada Initiative. Since I'm turning 32, I suggest a donation of $32 (which, conveniently, makes you an "Ada's Supporter") if you can afford it. However, donations of any amount, no matter how small, matter and are useful.

Conveniently, I already wrote about why I support the Ada Initiative, if you're looking for a reason why you should too. To quote myself: "If you're someone who has enjoyed the privilege of working in the tech industry, particularly in open source, and particular if you haven't had to fight exclusion because of your social placement, I encourage you to give back just a little bit of what you've reaped by donating to the Ada Initiative. That is, at least, if you think everybody should have the same opportunities that you had."

In the past, I've used for this, but this time I'm just asking that people donate to the Ada Initiative directly. If you donate because of my birthday posts, please let me know, because my goal is to incite 20 people to donate, and if you don't let me know you donate, I don't know. You can let me know by commenting on this post, tweeting at me or commenting on my Facebook wall, or -- if you prefer to be private -- emailing me (mylastname at or sending me a private message on any of the services I use. Also, I will assume it's okay to thank you in a public post by the name or pseudonym that I know you by unless you tell me otherwise. You don't have to tell me the amount that you donated.

If you've donated to the Ada Initiative this year already, great! Please donate a little more for my sake :-)

I am going to try to post something on my blog every day until I reach my goal of 20 donors, even if it's a link to a post written by someone else. I'll have the first installment up either tonight or tomorrow!

And thanks!

Donors (i.e. wonderful people):

  1. [personal profile] juli
  2. [personal profile] etb
  3. Henry Andrews
  4. [personal profile] miang
  5. [personal profile] yam
  6. Anonymous Liyang Hu
  7. [personal profile] cidney
  8. [personal profile] nentuaby
  9. [ profile] leilazilles
  10. [personal profile] pseudomonas
  11. [ profile] davidcarr_2001
  12. [personal profile] pastwatcher
  13. [ profile] anemone
  14. Anonymous [ profile] gwillen
  15. [personal profile] kyriacarlisle
  16. [personal profile] sonia
  17. [ profile] DRMacIver
  18. [personal profile] agent_dani
  19. [ profile] aeolianharp
  20. [ profile] scazon and we're at 20! (but please keep donating!)
  21. [ profile] wilkieii
  22. [ profile] GreenSkyOverMe
  23. [ profile] another_order
  24. [personal profile] ivy
  25. [personal profile] joxn
  26. Tash Shatz
  27. [ profile] SpencerShiraev


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