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It's good to be able to go home on a Friday night having submitted two pull requests: one for #3979 and one for #3860.

I've been working on these two minor bugs for way too long. I guess #3979 isn't all *that* minor, though. It was an aspect of the interaction between default methods and supertraits that was left incomplete -- fixing it required some thought. I wasn't sure at first what was already implemented. It turned out supertraits weren't transitive, plus there was no way to figure out in the compiler what the impl is of a given trait for a given type. It was really easy to make the coherence checking pass spit out a table mapping trait IDs to tables mapping types to impls -- the rest wasn't too bad (except for a hairy bit of code in ty that computes the transitive supertraits for a given list of trait bounds).

I didn't spend as much time on #3860, which involved borrowck and trans having divergent notions of which nodes in the AST introduced new scopes. My first solution was to change trans to introduce a new scope for each statement, because that seemed easier. Unfortunately, this meant creating lots of extra basic blocks and it was a performance loss. So it looked like it would make more sense to change borrowck, which is a static analysis so that's not going to directly mess up performance. My fix is kind of awkward (and best understood by looking at the code), but it works.

I still have more time to make up by working over the weekend, so there's no rest for the weary.
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