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So, a friend who knew Aaron Swartz (actually, it kind of seems like all my friends knew Aaron Swartz, except me) posed a question to me: to what non-profit organizations should she encourage people to donate to in his memory? I wasn't all that familiar with Swartz's work until after his death, unfortunately, but from what I've seen he seemed to have a pretty good understanding of the privileges that allowed him to have the influence that he had in his short life.

Since so many people are hounded to death by the US "justice" system and are sent to jail for no good reason -- nerds just don't tend to care since most of them are poor and are people of color -- my friend and I were both thinking that donating to groups working to change that would be appropriate. I was thinking of the TGI Justice Project first and foremost, since they focus on trans women of color in the prison system. Off the top of my head, I also thought of supporting groups working on legalizing drugs and on legalizing sex work and advocacy for sex workers. I'm less knowledgeable about what groups are most effective (and most representative of the people who need representation most) in those areas. Do you have suggestions, Internets? Post them here!
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