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Content warning: violence against animals. (And people, but I suspect you've already been hearing about that.)

I was dropping off the bunnies at Save-a-Bunny, for boarding. And the volunteer there was showing me the room that has all the "special needs" bunnies and also bunnies who are being boarded. She pointed out that one of the bunnies had no ears (which I'd already noticed). "That's because someone set him on fire".

I'm thinking, "who would set a bunny on fire?" But then, who would shoot 20 first-graders? Bunnies, though, they're close to being the epitome of an innocent animal -- they don't even have the *potential* to grow up into people who would do anything wrong. They're not a threat to anyone except a carrot.

But in both cases, the answer is that people who have been hurt are the people who would do that, which is not a satisfying answer but I feel like it's a *truer* answer than, say "crazy people, who are never anything like me because they're not quite human and I'm human, would do it, and I could never become like them, and no matter how much someone else hurt me I would never become a person who would do a thing like that." It's not satisfying because there's no one to get mad at, except the first person who ever hurt anyone, which was probably a long time ago.

Then again, I think that's missing the point, too. I don't believe that "some people are just evil", but I suppose it might be true that some people through some process or another get hurt beyond repair and will never not hurt people. They're not the problem. The problem is the majority of people who never actively do anything hurtful, but who stand by and allow abuse to happen. Of bunnies or of people. People who do nothing because they don't want to interfere with how some parent raises their child. People who make and support policies that give parents cult-leader-like control over their children. That's who you should be pissed off at. (Not crazy people like me -- we're more likely to be hurt by you, or cops, or teachers, or basically any authority figure, than the other way around.)

Anyway, there are also people in the world who choose to use what resources they have to rescue bunnies who have been abused (or just abandoned), and I think that's a good thing, and not something that takes away from some supposedly limited pool of resources that should be used for helping humans first. It's just repaying the debt that we have to domestic animals incurred by members of our species who, for whatever reason, use them for their own purposes.

And here's the bunny (warning, again: vivid description of what happened to him, as well as images).
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