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Nov. 5th, 2012 08:30 pm
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I'm trying to cut back on CDs even more radically, keeping ones I want to have in the car and relying on electronic format for everything else. So, if there's something here you like, assume I'll still be listening to it and I just don't need the physical medium. If there's something here that makes you question my taste in music, well, I probably never liked it in the first place.

Same deal as with books: definitely free for Bay Area people, willing to ship within reason to North Americans at no cost to you. I just want someone else to get some enjoyment out of some of these! Whatever doesn't go in a few days will get taken to Rasputin or Half Price Books.

Aiken, Caroline - Butler Field
Aiken, Caroline - Live at the Attic
Aiken, Caroline - Unshaken
Allard, Terri - Loose Change and Spare Parts
Amos, Tori - Scarlet's Walk
Amos, Tori - Strange Little Girls
Apartment Three - Bruised & Patient
Arbo, Rani and Daisy Mayhem - Gambling Eden
Austin Lounge Lizards - Creatures from the Black Saloon
Austin Lounge Lizards - Live Bait
Band de Soleil - Redemption Dream
note to self: next four claimed by J.P.

Barenaked Ladies - Born on a Pirate Ship
Barenaked Ladies - Gordon
Barenaked Ladies - Maroon
Barenaked Ladies - The Old Apartment / Lovers in a Dangerous Time (single)

Belly - King
Bitch and Animal - Eternally Hard (haven't been able to listen to them since I found out about Bitch's transmisogyny)
Bitch and Animal - Sour Juice and Rhyme
Bitch and Animal - What's That Smell?
Breeders, The - Last Splash
Brooke, Jonatha - Back in the Circus
Brooke, Jonatha - 10¢ Wings
Brooke, Jonatha and the Story - Plumb
Brown, Alison - Fair Weather
Brown, Alison (Quartet) - Replay
Brown, Greg - Further In
Brown, Greg - Slant 6 Mind
Bucklew, Wendy - Asleep in the Swing
Bucklew, Wendy - Painting Sidewalks
Butchies - Make Yr Life
Cacho, Carl - Blue Around the Edges
Calhoun, Andrew - Phoenix Envy
Camps, Nini - So Long
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - Hometown Girl
Carpenter, Mary Chapin - State of the Heart
Carson, Lori - Everything I Touch Runs Wild
Carter, Dave and Tracy Grammer - Tanglewood Tree
Carter, Dave and Tracy Grammer - When I Go
Carthy, Eliza - Angels & Cigarettes
Colvin, Shawn - Holiday Songs and Lullabies
Colvin, Shawn - A Whole New You
Curtis, Catie - Bootleg '98
Curtis, Catie - A Crash Course in Roses
Curtis, Catie - Dreaming in Romance Languages
Curtis, Catie - From Years to Hours (original version)
Curtis, Catie - From Years to Hours... the early recordings (re-release)
Curtis, Catie - My Shirt Looks Good on You

Dave's True Story - self-titled
Dave's True Story - Sex Without Bodies
Davis, Miles - Tutu
Delmhorst, Kris - Five Stories (in the case from Oddlot, for some reason)
Demerath, Ben - Jack of Fools
DiFranco, Ani - To the Teeth
DiFranco, Ani - Up Up Up Up Up Up

disappear fear - Deep Soul Diver
Dylan, Bob - Freewheelin'
Earle, Steve - Jerusalem
Eberhardt, Cliff - 12 Songs of Good & Evil
Eberhardt, Cliff - Now You Are My Home
Edelman, Judith - Only Sun
Edwards, Kathleen - Back to Me
Egge, Ana - Out Past the Lights
Ellen James Society - Reluctantly We
End Construction - Resume Speed
Ferrick, Melissa - The Other Side
Ferron - Driver
Ferron - Still Riot
Four Bitchin' Babes - Fax It! Charge It! Don't Ask Me What's For Dinner!
Four Bitchin' Babes - Gabby Road
Four Bitchin' Babes - Some Assembly Required
Gauthier, Mary - Filth & Fire
Gauthier, Mary - Mercy Now

Geltman, Laurie - Motion Pictures
Gilbert, Vance - Fugitives
Gilbert, Vance - Shaking Off Gravity
Great Big Sea - Sea of No Cares
Griffin, Patty - Impossible Dream
Griffin, Patty - Living with Ghosts
Griffith, Nanci - Flyer
Hamlin, Trina - Foundation
Harding, John Wesley - Confessions of St. Ace
Heaton, Anne - Black Notebook
Heaton, Anne - Give In
Herdman, Priscilla - Forever & Always
Howle, Danielle - About to Burst
Howle, Danielle and the Tantrums - Skorborealis
Ian, Janis - God & The FBI
Ian, Janis - Hunger

Indigenous - Things We Do
Jerling, Michael - Little Movies
Jim Carroll Band - Catholic Boy
Kaldor, Connie - Small Café
Kane, Christine - A Thousand Girls
Kane, Kieran - Dead Rekoning
Kane, Kieran - Shadows on the Ground
Keane, Peter - Walkin' Around
Keelaghan, James - Home
Kennedys, The - Get It Right
Paul, Ellis - Stories
Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental
Polenzani, Rose - self-titled
Roches, The - Speak
Uncle Bonsai - Boys Want Sex in the Morning
Uncle Bonsai - Doug

Venable, Noe - No Curses Here
Venable, Noe (Trio) - Down Easy
Viva La Diva - Greatest Hits, Volume I
Wainwright, Loudon III - Little Ship
Wainwright, Loudon III - Social Studies
various artists - Shelter: The Best of Contemporary Singer-Songwriters (Putumayo)
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