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I'm moving yet again, and am trying to cull my book collection. The following are free to any local people (Bay Area, probably even So. Cal since I'll be there soonish). I'm willing to ship paperbacks (P) for free to non-local people within North America. I'm more reluctant to ship hardcovers (H) but maybe we can make a deal. Feel free to link to this post; offer is open to people who don't know me!

I expect I'll end up donating all or most of these locally, of course, but I figured I'd offer in case a friend happens to have a burning desire for one of these. (This post is also to track what books I'm giving away so I can remember them later if needed.) Also, I reserve the right to sell anything that turns out to be worth any money, instead.

For the curious, I bolded books I've already read (and, obviously, didn't want to read again). Crossed-out ones are claimed.

ETA: There's more! Part 2

Tropic of Capricorn (Henry Miller) (P)
Song of Solomon (Toni Morrison) (P)
Beggars in Spain; Beggars Ride; Beggars and Choosers (Nancy Kress) (P)
The Prince of Morning Bells (Nancy Kress) (P)
Good Omens (Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) (P) [Recycle]
Gravity's Rainbow (Thomas Pynchon) (P)
both Connie Willis to [personal profile] luinied
Uncharted Territory (Connie Willis) (P)
Lincoln's Dreams (Connie Willis) (P)

Tripmaster Monkey (Maxine Hong Kingston) (P)
Superfudge (Judy Blume) (P)
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (Judy Blume) (P)
The Grey King (Susan Cooper) (P)
The Theban Mysteries (Amanda Cross) (P)
Dubliners (James Joyce) (missing front cover) (P)
Ada (Vladimir Nabokov) (P) to [personal profile] darius
Doomsday Book (Connie Willis) (P)
The Hacker and the Ants (Rudy Rucker) (P)
Breathing Lessons (Anne Tyler) (P)
The Golden Compass (Philip Pullman) (P)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain) (P)
Headcrash (Bruce Bethke) (P)
Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance (Richard Powers) (P)
The Echo Maker (Richard Powers) (P)
Primitive People (Francine Prose) (P)
The Boo (Pat Conroy) (P)
Case Histories (Kate Atkinson) (P)
The Everlasting Story of Nory (Nicholson Baker) (P)

General nonfiction:

Teaching as a Subversive Activity, Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner (P)
Neither Here Nor There, Bill Bryson (P)
Table of Contents, John McPhee (P)
The Republic, Plato (P)
The Lives of a Cell, Lewis Thomas (P)
The Medusa and the Snail, Lewis Thomas (P)
The Liberal Imagination, Lionel Trilling (P)
One Man's Meat, E.B. White (P)
Field Guide to Gestures (Nancy Armstrong and Melissa Wagner) (P) [Recycle]
Trapped in the Net: The Unanticipated Consequences of Computerization (Gene I. Rochlin) (P)
The Night Is Large (Martin Gardner) (H)
Speaking Vegetarian: The Globetrotter's Guide to Ordering Meatless in 197 Countries (Bryan Geon) (P)
Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (ed. Maurianne Adams et al.) (P)
2004 Thomas Guide atlas, San Francisco and San Mateo counties (P)
2004 Thomas Guide atlas, Alameda and Contra Costa counties (P)

Computer science textbooks:

Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (John Hopcroft and Jeffrey Ullman) (H)
Basic Category Theory for Computer Scientists (Benjamin Pierce) (P)
Prolog: A Relational Language and its Applications (John Malpas) (P)
Modern Operating Systems (second edition) (Andrew Tanenbaum) (H)
The Unix Programming Environment (Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike) (H)
Applied Operating System Concepts (the dinosaur book) (Silberschatz et al.) (H)
Abstraction and Specification in Program Development (Barbara Liskov and John Guttag) (first edition) (H)
The Scheme Programming Language (R. Kent Dybvig) (P)
The Definition of Standard ML (Revised) (Milner et al.) (P)
Common LISPcraft (Robert Wilensky) (P)
Introduction to Formal Language Theory (Michael A. Harrison) (H)
The Art of Computer Programming, Vol. 3 (Sorting and Searching) (Donald Knuth) (H)
Computer Networks (third edition) (Andrew Tanenbaum) (H)


Al Jaffee's Next Book (Mad magazine collection) (P)
MAD's Don Martin Cooks Up More Tales (P)
The Invisible MAD (P)
You're A Pal, Snoopy! (back cover missing) (Charles Schulz) (P)
Metropolitan Life (Fran Lebowitz) (P)
Social Studies (Fran Lebowitz) (P)

Shooting the Sh*t with Kevin Smith (P) [no, I'm not a prude, that's the title as written] [Recycle]
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