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Today was largely spent trying to install a Windows VM on my Mac. Dual booting seemed like it would be more pain, but now I'm not sure. I wanted to be able to debug Windows issues locally, at long last, because they happen fairly often and saying it was someone else's problem would only take me so far. Mozilla has a license for VMWare, but I ended up not understanding what versions we have licenses for (or whatever) and installing VirtualBox instead, which was free. That was somewhat painless. Then I installed Windows 8 inside the VM, which was surprisingly easy as well (once I told VirtualBox that I was installing a 64-bit Windows). Unfortunately, once I installed MinGW and MSys (which we need in order to build Rust, at least at the moment), things fell apart. Typing "ls" or "mkdir whatever" at the shell prompt resulted, apparently, in a hang (ls doesn't normally take minutes in a directory with just one entry). Maybe MinGW and Windows 8 don't cooperate well? The answer is that it's the weekend.

Otherwise, I tried to work on some bugs involving default methods, which more or less result from default methods just not being finished. They are no more finished as of today than they were yesterday, but maybe Monday.
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