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Date: 2012-09-17 04:42 pm (UTC)
While I completely understand the anger in your comment in trying to live up to societal perceptions of beauty (and that the orignal comment about increasing attractiveness is offensive on many levels), I feel that your comment goes a bit far in making an assumption that being attractive is somehow a full time job, and more importantly, that it somehow detracts from your ability to be an intelligent human being. From an aesthetic point of view, I like fashion, it's a form of expression and shows off my personality in an external way. I also love maintaining an active lifestyle. I also have a science PhD. So what? In the same way that I object to the notion that "Real women have curves" (real women come in all shapes and sizes - including curvy AND non-curvy AND everything in between) I also reject the notion that "Smart women don't care about/don't have time to care about their appearance".

I'm sorry if people have judged your worth by your appearance, that is a horrible form of sexism that should be dealt with and worth commenting on, but you should keep in mind the other perspective. You write that you gave up on trying to look pretty and instead (which is the word to which I take offense) work on being valued for your intelligence. To me, these two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

My blood boils when people say "oh such-and-such person doesn't look like an [insert science/tech professional here]". Last time I checked these professions don't have appearance prerequisites.

Smart women(or men) are smart women(or men). period. I don't assume a woman is dumb because she is wearing trendy jeans any more than I assume she is smart if she is wearing sweatpants and hasn't combed her hair.

Correlation between intelligence and appearance is complete nonsense, saying anything less is just another flavor of sexism (and I believe this type of women-on-women sexism is extremely counter productive).
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