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Date: 2012-04-26 04:32 pm (UTC)
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[...] I have needed a decade to get over the fact that this is not my fault.

Although my case is slightly different (i.e. I didn't leave - there were no problems up until my examiners entered the picture in the summer of 2010, at which point they put me through two grueling rounds of revisions, and then decided they didn't want to award the degree even after their final verdict was Pass With Minor Revisions, which is why my [UK] grad school institution is currently under investigation by the OIA to determine what happened and how the situation can be rectified...so I'm not high and dry quite yet, and I do hope I'll end up with the piece of paper saying I earned the damned degree in the end), this statement is resonating deeply. I'm six months into the appeals battle, and it could well drag out for another year or so, and I have spent so much time feeling guilty and helpless in spite of the fact that I know what's happening is completely out of my hands and not my fault in the least. If there had been any real danger of me failing, I would never have been permitted to pass my upgrade (the UK equivalent of orals, which I did pass, with flying colors). I just hope it won't take me a decade to get over it if something goes really wrong in the investigation/appeals process :-/
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