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Date: 2012-01-15 04:38 pm (UTC)
Wow. Good list.

I will add: realize that the project your advisor is working on is a steaming pile with no prospects. Discuss this with data and evidence and propose a new project with better prospects of actually working.

Get told you can't do that because it belongs to So and So. Realize that So and So owns an entire area of research according to your "advisor," realize that you need to change to a different advisor in order to not waste years of your life on something your advisor doesn't care about and hasn't really sussed out. Change advisors.

Reap shock and scandal and horror because... I guess I was supposed to stay there for six years and flush my career down the drain because that's what my "advisor" wanted for me?

I eventually did finish, but I would not advise anyone to enter a phd program if they have any other prospect available. Being categorized as second class (because my undergrad prep was in chemistry and not in molecular biology and because I came from a working class background) and assigned to a crap project with no future and then being blamed for its non success and told it would work if I "worked harder" was horrible. I don't want anyone else to have that experience.

I can do a lot of cool shit. But I cannot make the impossible happen no matter how hard I try. After leaving grad school, I have needed a decade to get over the fact that this is not my fault.
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