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Date: 2010-09-14 05:54 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tim
True, not all of it is good advice. Or rather, whether it's good depends on your priorities. I do think that it's good for a grad student to think about whether they want to take lots of classes outside their department, or graduate sooner. People sometimes come out of undergrad in a "must take classes!" mode and don't realize that that's not the best thing to do to make progress towards a Ph.D.

And yeah, I wonder about people who claim "biblical levels of devotion". Does anyone ever live up to that kind of standard? Or does that rhetoric just serve to make people feel like they'll never be good enough (and, possibly, fail, because they don't have the level of social integration required to realize that successful people don't live up to that standard, either?) And, of course, it's a very privileged point of view that says that grad student wages (3x the poverty level for me) are "poverty wages".

Having teh wife 'n' kids helps if the wife takes care of the kids -- the classic situation where she gets mentioned in the acknowledgments for typing his dissertation. A guy who actually wanted to be an active father, or who didn't have kids but did have a spouse who was a professional or another grad student, would probably have a lot of the same problems as a married woman, though wouldn't have to deal with the issue of people ignoring you because you're a woman who's not a potential sex partner.
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