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Tim Chevalier ([personal profile] tim) wrote2009-06-17 08:49 am
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They paved paradise.

California is on the verge of closing 80% of its state parks. Can you imagine Año Nuevo as a bunch of mansions:

or imagine Mount Diablo as a private resort?

I don't live in California anymore, but if you do, read the full list of closures and write your state representatives now. What's more important, saving places that will never come back if we turn them into strip malls, or keeping rich people's tax bills low? What is the state going to do the next time they need more money -- sell the Golden Gate for scrap metal?

You owe it to the sea lions:

This could happen by July 1.

Thanks to armchairshrink @LJ, who says it much better than I, and who also notes:
"The good news is, the budget committee proposed adding a $15 fee to vehicle licensing fees to keep CA State Parks open. Additionally, the fee would waive all day-use fees for CA licensed cars, which basically means in 2-3 visits, the fee has paid for itself. The problem is, the fee proposal needs to pass with a 2/3rds majority in the state legislature and needs to be approved by Arnold."

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