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My premise here is that female gaze barely exists in media, and where it does, in exists in opposition to (in a space empty of) male gaze.

I will start with some background reading. I refer back to these a lot and have learned tons from them.

Bonehandled Knife at Tumblr has a series of amazing posts, focusing on the film Mad Max: Fury Road, and its cinematography.

Mad Max: Center Frame

Eyes Up Here: Composition and Gaze

Mad Max and the Male Gaze (Mad Max eschews the male gaze while other popular fandom films do not).

it’s a choice each time to frame women in one way and men in another.

Composition Choices

Another Tumblr post from Superhuman Disasters:

Filmmaking Intent vs. Theory

This gets at the training and tradition of film making. Some "male gaze" techniques may be so ingrained as to be unintentional.

The 2 hour making-of video with cinematographer John Seale beyond confirms this. Seale is obviously a true artist, but he repeatedly mentioned his frustration with the “on the nose” rule, because it undercut his instinct for rule-of-third framing and more focus on the beautiful women in the back of the cab. Not because he was intentionally trying to be sexist, but because that’s how he’d been trained, both as a filmmaker and a man.

100% of art is manipulation (of the funnest kind) of what the audience receives. We choose where to draw your eye in visual art, where to draw your ear in musical art, where to draw your curiosity in written art, where to draw your emotional response in all of them. It is ALL part of a plan - every bit of it. The better the clarity of purpose, the better the impact of the art.

So... that is quite a bit of reading. BUT I HAVE MORE.

[personal profile] thingswithwings is brilliant and makes brilliant vids and has things to say about what she notices when makings vids.

Many thoughts On Manpain

Gunn and Sayid's manpains are explained to the audience via the camera saying "some white men are sad." Because I guess if there wasn't a white man there, we wouldn't have anyone to identify with.

Briefly, in this post:

The Making of the Yuletide Vid

1) We learned that people of colour are actually filmed differently, in terms of framing, than white people, or at least this was our anecdotal experience; it was often easy to get two white characters, especially two white male characters, in the same frame, but people of colour are by comparison much more isolated, cinematographically - often appearing in one-shots.

And in these tweets which I have storfied, in which [personal profile] thingswithwings and others talk about the challenge of trying to vid for women and minority characters:

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[personal profile] onyxlynx reminded me that "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth" is still supposed to happen around here. I completely forgot about it, and now we're already a third in (the date is April 25th to May 15th). However, I think it is amazing that Dreamwidth has been around for seven years, which means that I have known many of you for just that long -- in some cases even longer. We have seen this site grow to what it is and it'll always be special to me. I'm going to try and post a bit of 3W4DW content over the next two weeks, including a 21 Questions meme (originally by [personal profile] finch). I'm also going to try and accumulate some interesting links to other people's activities, so if you have some recommendations or 3W4DW content of your own, drop me a line in comments!

Recent months have been very kind to me financially. My per-hour wage has risen a little, and I took advantage of some website's special coupons to sell off some used books for a better price. Thus, last week and today, I ordered a ton of used books for basically the same amount as I had earned. I am feeling a little embarassed by that, but on the good side, it means I'm breaking even instead of losing money. (I DO admit I'm having a Book Problem, though, so May will be a purchase-less month.) I decided to list the acquisitions of April and today, because it pleases me.
I'd love to have some commentary if you read some of these books and would like to share, I think some of them are classics while a few others were all over my friends' journals / meta communities a few years ago. Yay or nay? Overrated or underrated? Strengths? Weaknesses? Parts to look out for, good or bad? My watercooler is open!

Lotsa books that are/will be on their way to me, yay )

Link: On not giving up

May. 1st, 2016 07:37 am
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For Blogging against Disabilism Day, David Gillon has written about not 'Giving Up' and about non-disabled people's harmful prejudices about him using a wheelchair.

ten good things

May. 1st, 2016 12:13 am
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1. Rose lemonade. Read more... )

2. Pad thai. Read more... )

3. Orphan Black. It turns out that I am still very emotionally invested, okay: I have to keep pausing it to squeak. (I also paused it to stare, narrow-eyed, at the perplexing geology, and then to, um, take a screenshot. to keep staring at. later.)

4. Cyanocitta stelleri (Steller's Jay), and #dreamwidth, who identified the source of this image in particular for me. Excellent blue; ridiculous crest.

5. Aphelocoma californica (Western Scrub Jay). Also an excellent blue.

6. This hedgehog, which tumblr thought it was important for me to see.

7. A Brief History Of Tax Evasion In Britain (Or: Panama Is For Posers, Now Brick Up Your Windows).

8. Check, Please! fandom is giving me lots of people-adoring-each-other to roll around in, and is also giving me lots of really thorough and thoughtful incredibly iddy fic ([personal profile] staranise wrote a really detailed soulmates AU that I just want to smoosh my face on, okay?).

9. An amble round the charity shops in the sunshine this afternoon yielded a film and a gift, in addition to, you know, the part where I got sunshine.

10. I am having a possibly ridiculous number of Feelings about continuity-of-community and shit about this thing in passing, and I... really need to be asleep so I'm not even slightly going to go into the details in any depth now, but I've been having A Rough Week Or So on several related topics so this was A Good, alright.

ALRIGHT. Sleep. xx
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... I've announced the next contributor weekend, which is running on the 14th and 15th of May!

If you have requests for specific flavours of cake, now is a good time to make them :-)
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for my own records, more than anything else...

Read more... )

Tidying continues!

Apr. 29th, 2016 02:09 am
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The apartment is yet again entirely topsy-turvy, but in a continuingly more productive vein, as I am after completing the swap-bed-and-computer-desk project.

Wrapping up the post-conference work, and ramping up the applications again.

I have a cleaning goal: I would like the apartment to be presentable-to-Certain-Parties by the 13th. I think it's progressing in that direction, but you could not entirely prove it by one day's moved furniture. (I suspect that with a few modifications the current state would work, but I'd also like, you know, a few more places to sit. Although the idea of someone sprawling in characteristic fashion on my bed has its charms.)

This morning involved the dentist, and an obnoxiously deep filling (and a very annoyed nerve). I wound up taking a substantial afternoon nap because my brain could Just Not Even. (This also happens after eye appointments involving dilation, I find.)

Spoon Theory as a Deficit Model

Apr. 28th, 2016 03:20 pm
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Thanks to Gregg Beratan on Twitter for this idea.

Spoon Theory is useful to many people as a measure of energy and fatigue. It is difficult to wrap your head around what chronic pain, fatigue, and illness are actually like, and I say this as someone who has them. We all tend to normalize our experiences and we think that everyone around us must feel like we do-- and yet other people are somehow accomplishing more. So spoon theory is helpful in validating our fatigue and providing the phrase "out of spoons".

Yet a limitation of this theory is that it's a deficit model: It assumes that something is wrong with us, rather than something being wrong with society.

Instead of saying "I'm out of spoons," try saying "The world needs to give me more time to rest" or "Accommodations for my fatigue will help me accomplish this task."

The deficit model is the dominant narrative of illness. And it can be seductive: it feels like there is something wrong with me. But the social model of disability states that it is society that disables us-- that it is moral and normal to need more time and more support and more rest.

Quick links--

Apr. 28th, 2016 05:35 pm
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Anyone interested in doing Kew the Movies with me? I've booked tickets for myself and a friend for the Star Wars showing already, but I'm happy to have others join us and I am 100% up for seeing any of the other showings (Jurassic Park, Mean Girls, and Labyrinth). I am similarly up for potluck picnic dinners.

On the heartbreaking difficulty of getting rid of books:
After all, the romance of minimalism relies on invisible abundance. The elegantly empty apartment speaks not to genteel poverty, but to the kind of hoarded wealth that makes anything and everything replaceable and available at the click of a mouse. Things and the freedom from things, and then things again if you desire. If you miss a book after getting rid of it, Kondo consoles, you can always buy it again. Dispose and replace, repeat and repeat.

What should student doctors learn about sexual healthcare? This survey is being run by the University of Oxford:
We are redesigning courses for medical students to teach them what they need to know about sexual and genital health. If you have experience of going to the doctor for these issues, including asking about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, screening, or any concerns about your genital or sexual health, we would like to hear from you.

I am spending a lot of time at the moment watching two eaglets grow up.

I did a news media thing.

Apr. 27th, 2016 11:52 pm
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I was interviewed by a TV news station in my area about protesting HB2. My challenge to the state to arrest me still stands.

Reading Wednesday

Apr. 27th, 2016 04:48 pm
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read: collapse (Diamond). Interesting case studies but very repetitive analysis imo

Reading: Cut ( This is not a pleasant read.

Today's cat pics

Apr. 26th, 2016 10:00 am
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I'll stop spamming cat pics quite as much once they settle in a bit more, but KITTIES.

Sarah called the vet this morning (a local cat-only practice) and the tech assured her that they view being a crazy cat lady as a badge of pride, and that we aren't anywhere near as full up as some of their clients. I'm trying not to take that as a challenge, heh.

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Kero Lantern Chronicles

Apr. 26th, 2016 12:38 am
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So...our ski club hosts a lantern ski two evenings a year, so people can putter along enjoying the trails and the twilight. They used to use oldschool kerosene lanterns, but the club got rid of them a few years back. It sounds like they were getting dirty and rusty, and nobody was quite sure how to make them less so.

Unfortunately, the candle lanterns that replaced them don't work very well. They don't provide any substantial illumination, and in the winter, the candles burn out quickly -- they don't retain enough heat to melt their own wax well, and burn down the middle instead of across their entire width.

I went looking for a better solution, and was surprised to find that new kerosene lanterns are actually still a thing sold in North America. Like, ones for real use, as opposed to collectables or antiques that are just supposed to sit on a shelf and look nice. So I ordered one.
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Every week, let's celebrate ourselves, to start the week right. Tell me what you're proud of. Tell me what you accomplished last week, something -- at least one thing -- that you can turn around and point at and say: I did this. Me. It was tough, but I did it, and I did it well, and I am proud of it, and it makes me feel good to see what I accomplished. Could be anything -- something you made, something you did, something you got through. Just take a minute and celebrate yourself. Either here, or in your journal, but somewhere.

(And if you feel uncomfortable doing this in public, I've set this entry to screen any anonymous comments, so if you want privacy, comment anonymously and I won't unscreen it. Also: yes, by all means, cheer each other on when you see something you want to give props to!)

What I'm reading, about to read

Apr. 25th, 2016 10:44 am
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Longer review of Instead of a Letter: A Memoir by Diana Athill. I'm starting a project to read down my many unread biographies and memoirs. I didn’t know who she was but will read just about any memoir that looks interesting and I enjoyed this. She was an editor and one of the directors of the London-based publishing company Andre Deutsch Ltd., and has written short stories and other memoirs.

In this book she writes about her family and the privilege in which she grew up, with an awareness of how lucky she was both to be unaware of poverty till her family's fortunes changed (and it was genteel poverty at that) and to have had happy memories of time spent at her grandparent's estate with family and later at Oxford. She fell deeply in love with a young man who she grew up with, and they were engaged. He went off to war, then his letters trailed off and she didn’t hear from him for two years, when he wrote asking her to let him out of their engagement because he wanted to marry someone else. She writes well about the misery of this time, and how she eventually came out of it. It took her a while to discover that she could be happy with her life, too.

She writes with a self-knowledge that I found fascinating. For instance, she loathed the war and says she felt almost an indifference to how it would end, because both English and Ger-man humans had been capable of making it happen. So she decided she wouldn’t do war work in any form unless forced. She says:

“This refusal to take any part not forced on me seems to me now an unmistakable measure of smallness of spirit. To remain detached from the history of one’s time, however insane its course, is fruitless even on the private level, since only by living what is happening (whether by joining it or by actively opposing it) can the individual apprehend its truth.... There can be no separateness from the guilt of belonging to the human species – not unless the individual withdraws into a complete vacuum and disclaims participation in the glories as well. There are two honest courses when war strikes: either to make some futile but positive gesture against it and suffer the consequenc-es, or to live it – not in acceptance of its values, but in acceptance of the realities of the human condition. I did neither, and I have no doubt that I was wrong.”


After the war she and her friend Andre Deutsch formed Allan Wingate publishing, then Andre Deutsch. They worked with some major writers of the 20th century and she had close relationships with many of them. Truly a fascinating life. This memoir is from 1963. Born in 1917, she’s still alive, and another of her memoirs came out in January of this year!

So then I read stet, also by her: Another memoir, this one from 2000, about her life in publishing and editing. She mentions the pleasures of learning a subject by editing the work of a writer who’s passionate about it.
Here she is talking about book buyers:

"People who buy books, not counting useful how-to-do-it books, are of two kinds. There are those who buy because they love books and what they can get from them, and those to whom books are one form of entertainment among several. The first group, which is by far the smaller, will go on reading, if not for ever, then for as long as one can foresee. The second group has to be courted. It is the second which makes the best-seller, impelled thereto by the buzz that a particular book is really something special; and it also makes publishers' headaches, because it has become more and more resistant to courting."

After a man who bought the company sold its archive, she says:

"It was sentimentality to feel the loss of that intractable mountain of old files so keenly – we had kept copies of essential matter such as contracts, and never suffered in any practical way from the absence of the rest; but it did, all the same, give me a most uncomfortable feeling. A publishing house without its archive – there was something shoddy about it, like a bungalow without a damp course." [British for foundation insulation.]

If reading these two was an attempt to get rid of books, it was a dismal failure because I just ordered several more of her books. In the second half of this one she's talking about writers with whom she worked, and is making me want to read all of them. One is Jean Rhys, who I’ve never read, but I have Wide Sargasso Sea around here; maybe I'll get to it.

I'm also reading Discovering Scarfold, by Richard Littler, which is a weird parody/horror/not sure thing about an English village stuck in the 1970s.

Also Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery by Hamilton Bailey. I got the 1948 edition at an estate sale, because of the illustrations. It's a textbook for doctors describing all kinds of diagnostic methods for things like fractures, lumps, swelling, etc and it is fascinating. What makes it weird is that it's profusely illustrated with photos and all the patients' faces are shown, without their eyes blocked out. So you have these pictures of a motherly old lady smiling at you, illustrating carcinoma of the breast.

Our vet says...

Apr. 24th, 2016 09:59 pm
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...that you're not a crazy cat lady until you have more than three per person. Which is good, because these two lovely ladies came home with us today:

EDIT: Ack, I keep forgetting that the site eats anything placed after photos.

Top one (the tabby) is Naomi, age one; bottom one (the tortie) is Ruth, age three. (Not their original names, but their original names didn't fit, and Sarah decided that we could follow the Biblical theme of Gabriel and Noah with Ruth and Naomi or the Weasley theme of Ginny with Bill(ie) and Charlie, and we figured Weasleys were asking for trouble.)

We were intending to get a sweet-tempered adolescent to keep Ginny company, since she's been bored and lashing out at poor, sweet, dumb Noah since Brandy (her partner in romping) died. Sarah made the mistake of looking on Petfinder, where we found these ladies listed as a "must be adopted together" deal, and since it's harder to place a pair and the SPCA is a kill shelter, Sarah went out to pick them up today.

They are in the guest room; the growling under the door between Ruth and Ginny is pretty funny. (Ruth is totally Naomi's protector. Such a good big sis.) Naomi hid under the bed when first brought home, but has ventured out now and even deigned to climb in my lap: she's got a big rusty motorboat purr and a tiny baby squeak. Ruth, meanwhile, has a mean headbutt when she wants scritches.

A harsh truth recently learned:

Apr. 24th, 2016 05:53 pm
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chocolate triggers my hot flashes.

this is no fucking fair.


send goofy dogs!


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