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tim: Tim with short hair, smiling, wearing a black jacket over a white T-shirt (september-2013)

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tl;dr since 1995

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Name:Tim Chevalier
Birthdate:Dec 18, 1980
Location:Reno, Nevada, United States

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I work at Heroku, where at least in theory, I write functional programs all day. I work from home, in Nevada, where my cats are. Sometimes I write about what I do all day, but more oftenI write about changing the culture around what I do all day.

"More women than men discuss sexism, and it is not because we find the topic more fun, entertaining, or enjoyable than men. It is because sexism gets in the way of our freedom. I blog about sexism in geek culture not because it’s my passion, but because it gets in the way of my passions. My struggle against my marginalization is not my hobby." -- Restructure!

I have a lot of acquaintances.
Any public posts on this journal are, well, public. If you'd like to link to them, please do; that makes me happy. There's no need to ask permission first.

Interests (131):

academic genealogy, alcohol, anti-oppression, anxiety, apples to apples, baking, barrettes, bay area, beer, being cisphobic, being teased, bicycles, bike touring, biking, board games, bodybuilding, boggle, books, boston, brightly colored clothing, bruce springsteen, bumper stickers, buses, buttons, california, canada, cats, coffee, compilers, compulsive smartphone usage, computer history, computer science, cooking, coq, cryptic crosswords, cycling, ddr, debugging, depression, drawing, driving, drugs, east coast, email .signatures, fake meat, fat-positivity, feminism, fourth wave feminism, french, functional programming languages, geeks, gender and sexuality, grad school dropouts, guitar freak, haskell, hating rich people, hostels, hot tubs, ice skating, informal language, intersectionality, kayaking, kittens, logic, long hair, los angeles, maps, math, music, naïve relativism, nerds, new york city, olympia, oregon, pansexuality, people who use gender-neutral pronouns for cats, pink, politics, post-it notes, programming, programming languages, proofreading, pure cranberry juice, quakers, queer people, queerness, questioning assumptions, quotations, radio, reading, religion, road trips, roller skating, running, rust, rye toast, santa clara county, santa cruz, scrabble, sensitive guys who say "fuck" a lot, sex, singing, singular "they", snorkeling, socialism, south bay, swimming, taboo, tea, teaching, telling cats they're kitties, testosterone, theorem proving, ticket to ride, trains, trans feminism, trans men, trans people, trans women, travel, type safety, universities, vancouver, vegetarian food, vehicular cycling, washington, weightlifting, wellesley college, west coast, words, writing

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