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Scott’s latest post on the problem of how the ownership of the means of production would actually function in market socialism is fascinating, and something to rack my brain over while I explore the…

I feel like a “Hmmm…” followed by why the premise is unrealistic is a perfect description of my reaction to Roemer’s book. I made a throwaway gag at the beginning about how capitalist Roemer’s vision looks, but that was it. I’m pretty sure I constantly make throwaway gags about the Right (see: recently suggesting they would nuke China to prevent global warming)

All you’re doing here is making me not want to write about socialism because I’ve got to be on eggshells about everything and it’s annoying and unpleasant.

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Written for [personal profile] magistrate’s prompt. The idea behind this is that, in a world not dissimilar to our own, there is a couple who are in a D/s relationship. They are happy and comfortable in their roles and with each other. However, the Dom is faltering in her faith of the Harvest God and she needs help getting back in touch with it. Therefore they do the only thing that seems sensible; the sub takes on the role of the god for the evening and the Dom is allowed to worship as she sees fit.

This is a study in power exchange and I loved getting with it. There is also much to flesh out here but I was writing the snippets that came to me and then I put them in a linear order

If you enjoyed this, feel free to donate via Paypal to toomanytongues at gmail dot com .


In that moment, she looks weak, tired and worn down. You wonder if she knows it, if she’s letting you into the secret world of weariness because she’s comfortable enough with you and her own strength to know that she can bring you to her side or on your knees in an instant.

“Ma’am,” you say but don’t reach out because today is the kind of day where you feel like touching people will make them crumble and she seems ready to give in.


You feel sick and scared and like you are goign to fail. Everything is going ot fall apart and you vaguely consider the option of just having her sit in a room by herself and meditate the entire time while you hide somewhere else.

She wants you though, she wants to have this be something you do together and it alternately scares you and sends shivers down your spine.


The light and smoke blanket her, the powerful scent of cinnamon and apples and the weight of what you two are going to do filling the room. You wonder if you can do this, if you are firm enough in your own self to be what she needs.

You wonder if They will accept you. You wonder if you’re able to be worthy of such grace.


“My bones are yours to keep.”

She says it with reverence, her eyes closed and her hair falling into her face. She looks so small in that moment, yet somehow you know she hold so much faith inside her that she could believe for the both of you.

“Your bones are mine to keep,” you say and to your credit, you sound surprisingly confident.


She sits beneath the stars as you stand. You watch the moon descent and night slide into day. It’s almost over, you know that, but you don’t want it to be. She has an expression you’ve hardly seen on her face lately.


She looks comfortable and assured of everything around her and tha’s becuase o fyou.

Because you were a god for the night. You took of the scythe and lead her through the cornfields and brought her to Winter.

You were the guide she needed when faith faltered.
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Winter Soldier AU where Steve never rips the mask off the winter soldier so he never learns that it’s Bucky and he ends up killing him and after he’s dead Steve takes off the mask and realizes what he’s done

AU where u never wrote this fucked up post

That would’ve been interesting though

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via http://ift.tt/1wuq9sM at October 26, 2014 at 02:00AM:

This is the correct face to make when being told you’re a heinous bitch.
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any guy who cosplays as bucky at eccc is getting the vag. i’m diving at him crotch first. keep the mask on



Please use that as an official poster. *Please*.

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"I’m always willing to work with anyone, Democrat or Republican, to get things done." —President Obama at NorthwesternU on working with Congress to expand opportunity for more middle-class families

obama just does not give a fuck anymore and it is hilarious

Obama isn’t perfect but congress is a joke.

Everybody blames him for shit when they really need to look at Congress.

I don’t care how you feel about his politics, but you have to admit he’s hilarious.

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A little cophine screen shot redraw that I’m working on. The background is gonna be done entirely digitally when i get to the coloring stage. But anyway I’m just in an orphan black kinda mood after all this expo stuff this weekend and sassy cophine was the best way to go. next step is lumberpunk 

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 [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters has written "Safe Within These Walls" based on my prompt.  You know that motif I love where somebody swoops in and rescues an abused person?  In this story, the victim is a living house.  Aww!  I am filled with squee.  Also now imagining abuse victims as houses that are thought to be haunted but really just in need of not having rocks thrown through their windows anymore.  This story can be extended if people donate.

Call for Prompts

Oct. 26th, 2014 12:53 am
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 [personal profile] perfectworry is hosting a call for prompts in preparation for NaNoWriMo.  Leave some ideas and character names, get worldbuilding fiction.  If you boost the signal and anyone mentions coming from your link, then you get a character name of yours used in the story.  So go leave prompts, and say that I sent you!  There are some other perks and options available too.
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For [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's prompt. This is the start of something that had recently been in my head. The basic premise is that a woman acquires a house that is surrounded in rumor and legend. The house itself is alive but not malevolent, it’s just been taken advantage of by people who were out to use an excuse to do stupid and dangerous things.

From there, the story unfolds and you have a revenge and friendship tale just waiting ot be told

If you like this story, you should consider donating via Paypal to toomanytongues@gmail.com


The house is beautiful.

The house is deadly.

The house, as it turns out, is for sale.

She didn't grow up in the town she wound up picking and because of that, she didn't know anything about the history of the place.

What she knew was that the house towered over her, making her feel small and safe. She saw the wood floor and how it felt sturdy beneath her feet. She heard the creaks, the soft moans of the house as she walked through it, but to her it only meant that the house was alive and wanting.

She did what she had to do and when the keys are hers, she couldn’t help but feel a little giddy at the idea of moving in.

Her steps were careful, ginger and strategic. She wanted to savor this moment, remember it for what it is.

This was her first home, this was the start of her dream.

She didn't know though, that she was not the only dreamer.

The house stirred under her touch, walls pulsing with energy, with need for her to exist within it.

Soon enough she would learn. Soon enough it would all become clear.
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Posted by Debbie

Debbie says:

Talking primarily about the early 21st century United States here, we are an astonishingly open culture: our fears, our flashpoints, and the shadows that haunt us are easy to find on our web pages, in our music, and in the news. We are a culture where a white high school football team can make “monkey noises” when they beat an Afro-American team, where young men can not only be exonerated for gangbanging a drunken young woman but can be framed as the “victims” if punishment is even contemplated, where making fun of disability, age, and every other kind of marginalization is part of the expected territory.

So you might think that we wouldn’t need to express our darker selves in our Hallowe’en costumes, that we get enough of that in daily life. But you would be wrong. On Hallowe’en, apparently we express ourselves in all kinds of disturbing ways (as well as all kinds of completely fun and delightful ways).

Jill Tamaki at The Hairpin has some delightful visual comments on “sexy Hallowe’en.” (More panels of this cartoon at the link)


Maya at Feministing (who led me to the Tamaki cartoons) offers a characteristically nuanced and thoughtful response to the sexy Hallowe’en phenomenon:

… confession time: One of the reasons I hate the fact that a sexy costume has become all but required is that I kinda like dressing sexy for the occasion. Yes, I’m one of those girls. If Halloween is fun because it’s a night we’re allowed to pretend to be something we aren’t, I want to pile on the heavy makeup and break out the skimpy outfits. (There are only so many opportunities to wear that tasseled white mini-skirt, after all.) Yes, the sexualization of Halloween is sad and absurd, but so is the slut-shaming that makes many women feel like it’s the only time they have permission to wear a “slutty” outfit without getting judged for it. (And, of course, they probably will get judged anyway.)

So let’s brainstorm some costumes that, whether revealing or not, are actually sexy. In other words, clever ones that don’t just involve cutting holes in a regular costume. I’ll start: I’m going to be a Sexy IUD. I’ll be dressed as a sleek, shiny copper “T” and go around hitting on guys with pickup lines like, “I’m over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy–and at getting you off!” and “I’d sure like for you to tickle my threads!”

More links to fun sexy costumes (not all of them as silly as the IUD) at the link.

The aspect I was not aware of, until Lisa Wade at Sociological Images brought it to my attention is men dressing up as fat women (!). What’s with this nonsense?


Feministing, Sociological Images, have also been talking about racist Hallowe’en costumes, like the one above. There’s no nuanced response to racist costuming: don’t do it, tell your friends and family not to do it, and if you go to a Hallowe’en party where anyone is doing it, call it out if you can.

Not all of Wade’s examples are racist (and many many racist costumes are not also fat-shaming), but all of them are this overblown and all of them are–by definition–viciously sexist and transphobic. These are costumes for sale in many stores, and presumably there will be people out there next week wearing them “for fun.” As Wade says, “Halloween is a disturbing fun house mirror, showing us what we really think about each other.”


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