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Dec. 10th, 2016 09:39 am
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With respect to yesterday's post about Patrick Hamilton's The Slaves of Solitude I noticed a strange coincidence, akin to the one described by Jem Bloomfield, here relating to thematic parallels between a popular genre work and one which falls more consciously into a literary tradition, where the genre work came first.

This time, the genre work in question is First Term at Malory Towers pub 1946. Now, many of you will be aware that probably the climactic moment in FTAMT is when

Spoilers for FTMAT follow )

Now, in the Slaves of Solitude (pub. 1948) the POV character, the peculiarly unfortunately named Enid Roach (jokes are made about both elements of it) is being driven slowly and comprehensively mad by Mr Thwaites, the resident boarding house monster, who in his own way is one of the most blackly awful comic characters who are only just over the comic borderline (he's brothers under the skin with the villain of Gaslight) and

spoilers for The Slaves of Solitude follow )

Now, it seems vaguely implausible that Patrick Hamilton had read First Term at Malory Towers, and my understanding is that the Malory Towers incident is based on something that happened to one of the Blyton children, so the other theory, of some sort of cause celebre which both were drawing on, seems equally unlikely. So what? Theories, please.

Entire a matter of practickality

Dec. 10th, 2016 10:24 am
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Sure 'tis quite entire a matter of sense and prudence and practickality that I go spend the night before the ball at R- House and purpose to spend the night after there as well. For 'tis at present horrid rainy weather, so 'twill be the best thing to go well in advance with my boxes rather than arrive in my finery and discover that even a very large umbrella will not keep off all of the pelting rain, for there is a gusty wind behind blows it sideways.

Also I am like to confide that gossip will suppose that there will be being celebrat’d some reconciliation in Milord’s bedchamber, rather than that I will be in triangle in my fine reserv’d chamber in the east wing with my dearest loves.

This at last provides us some opportunity to conclave over the matter of Mr W- Y- and Sir R- O-'s curious inquisition. Indeed, says I, the fellows kindly put to the task by Matt Johnson say that there is a couple of other fellows go watch the house, turn about, but that as days go by and there is naught but the usual traffick at front and back door, callers at the one and tradespeople at the other, he confides that they must find the task most exceeding tedious.

Also, says I, my own good people know what to do did any come asking impertinent questions, but have gone about to warn Nell and her family on the matter: tho’ I confide that 'twill have been put in terms of there being shocking scandal-monging fellows from low gossip sheets go try find somewhat to Lady B-'s discredit.

And sure that family consider the most benevolent of C-s to be their entire guardian angel! says Josiah.

O, poo, says I, 'twas more Euphemia than myself took them up.

But, says I, Matt Johnson most exceeding kindly goes see whether he can find any word of Mr W- Y-: tho’ for all one knows he has covertly took ship for the Continent - indeed, says I thoughtfully, I wonder do Mr H-'s Sussex friends go make a trade in smuggling persons to the further shore.

O, says Eliza, best belov’d of C-s, let us talk of some happyer matter! 'Tis no use brooding upon this business.

Indeed, says I, one must wait on further intelligence.

My wild girl Eliza goes tickle my foot and says, sure they greatly admire spymistress-general C-, but at present they are mind’d to appreciate certain other fine qualities she has.

La, says I, I am a feather-witt’d creature that does not even notice there is a seduction in progress, and very shortly am like to be ruin’d. - For there is Josiah goes kiss the back of my neck while one hand creeps towards my bubbies, and Eliza proceeds upwards from my feet.

And sure 'tis most exceeding delightfull to be ruin’d.

In the morn I wake up somewhat late, and feel myself exceeding well, and smile. Comes Sophy to say that there is company arrives with chocolate. O, send 'em in, says I.

My precious Flora clambers up the bed and comes be a wakefull wombatt, that rubs its nose upon mine and gives me kisses, the darling.

Oh, Josh, cries Bess, you have brung that animal of yours in here.

Josh looks innocent and says he suppos’d Aunty C- would like to see it – 'tis a mongoose, he explains, Mr K- was so kind as to take me to the docks one day, for 'tis most entirely instructive –

But, says Bess rather cross, 'tis consider’d unfitting for young ladies, or Meg and I should have lik’d to have gone too.

- and there was a sailor from an East Indiaman, said he had a pair did mighty work upon rats on shipboard, and they had had increase that he went about to sell, most exceeding tame and warrant’d fine ratters. Will also show no fear of snakes, and fight 'em to the death.

I do not think, says I, that this is the Garden of Eden and that we are troubl’d with snakes. But sure I collect that old General Y- told me a tale or two about these creatures – there are fellows in those parts will set 'em on to fight snakes quite as a raree-show beside the road – and he would always have one himself about the house, for in those parts there are many snakes of very venomous kind.

Is’t not a fine creature? 'Twas not at all dear, Mr K- said 'twas quite a bargain.

One day, says Meg, you will be about bringing an elephant home and telling us 'twas some poor lost creature that just follow’d you.

Josh, I see, thinks that that would quite entire exceed.

Bess says, all is at sixes and sevens the morn and Mama is quite in the frets over this ball, but she confides that does Aunty C- come down to the family room, there will be somewhat in the way of breakfast.

Sure I am a sad slugabed, says I, but I will come down as soon as maybe.

Comes in the door Mittens, that goes hiss somewhat at the mongoose, but I confide 'tis entire to show her own consequence and mind it of its place and does not purpose an attack. Quintus goes pick her up and make much of her, for I daresay she feels a little neglect’d.

Arrives Miss N- to say, just because there is a little disorder in the household the morn 'tis no excuse for neglecting lessons, at which there is a deal of groaning. She hopes that Lady B- past a restfull night?

O, indeed so, says I, feel entire refresht for this e’en.

They all go troop off to lessons except for my darling Flora, that continues snuggle against me until Patty comes and looks at her very doating and says, does Lady B- not mind, she confides that Miss Flora would be entire delight’d to stay while she dresses. The nursery company is not yet arriv’d.

I am not sure what Sophy will think of this – Docket has decree’d that Sophy is quite entire capable of furbishing me up for a fine ball by herself, so does not come with me to R- House.

Sophy, however, is quite enchant’d by my lovely bundle and very patient answers her questions and is very expeditious at taking from her anything that may spill, and rubs lotion into her hands, dabs a little lavender water behind her ear and tyes a ribbon into her hair – that I do not suppose will stay there long – while I go wash: and then talks to her about what she is about while she brushes out and puts up my hair, dresses me suitable for the morn, &C.

I go down to the family room, holding my precious jewel’s hand.

My darling looks somewhat distract’d, and I beseech her to sit down and take some coffee, or will be quite entire done-up before the e’en.

Comes one of the kitchenmaids with a nice little breakfast upon a tray.

And indeed, my dear, I daresay you have eat very little, you should put somewhat into your stomach, take a couple of these fine pikelets that Seraphine has sent up. Sure I know not why you should be so in the frets, was not your party last year after your Presentation a most exceeding success? And I confide that a deal of the matter is entire out of your hands.

O, says Eliza, sitting down beside and taking the pikelet I offer her, I know that a deal rests in His Lordship’s hands –

That is to say, says I, in the hands of that widely-prais’d paragon Mr MacD-, that I am sure is as capable of organising a ball as anything else.

Indeed I am being foolish, she admits, but sure 'tis a thing I never suppos’d would be like to come about.

She sighs a little and then says, 'tis a great pity that dear Lady W- will not be able to come, but one hears she is safely deliver’d of a fine son?

So 'tis give out – have not yet been visit her to see how she does. Have not even manag’d call upon Lady Z-, that has a healthy daughter. But I daresay we may anticipate that their husbands may attend and mayhap provide us with further news of how they go on.

My darling sighs and I daresay goes yearn for the babies that are quite too dangerous a matter for her to contemplate.

Flora is of an opinion that none goes pay due attention to her, and endeavours help herself to my breakfast while she supposes none looks.

Comes Patty with Julius and Hannah at her heels, and says, Betty Higgins is arriv’d with Lord S-. I am quite desert’d as Flora runs over make most effusive over her dear favourite Hannah, conveys her a butter’d pikelet, and bestows several sticky kisses. 'Tis quite entire charming. They go off to join the nursery set’s morning entertainments.

What, says my darling, you do not quite immediate go be a tiger?

'Tis too soon after my breakfast, says I, and I have not yet finisht this good coffee.

As if entire conjur’d by the word coffee, Sandy is shown in, makes civil greetings, and says, there are a few matters upon which he would desire a lady’s eye about the arrangements for the e’en, and Roberts also wisht convoke with Lady B-, as she is in the house, about the flowers.

I am sure one may entire trust Roberts’ own taste in the matter, says I, but I will come as desir’d.

We both get and walk with Sandy into the west wing, where the ballroom is situate. He talks a little agitat’d about all the various matters that are in hand.

I find that Roberts is less concern’d to convoke concerning the flowers for the e’en, than to have occasion mention to me that Lord N- has visit’d him a time or two, and has a suspicion he goes filch cuttings. As if, says Roberts, I should not give him cuttings of anything he took a fancy to, as a civility among hortickulturists.

(Sure this intelligence does not entire surprize me.)

Support #NoDAPL through #DeFundDAPL

Dec. 10th, 2016 09:06 am
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DeFundDAPL aims to put pressure on the banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline by asking people to:

The full list of banks is:
Td Securities, CitiBank, Chase, PNC, US Bank, Bank of America, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Community Trust, HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, Compass Bank, Credit Suisse, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, UBS, Comerica, BNP Paribas, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, ABN Amro Capital, Credit Agricole, Intesa Sanpaolo, ING Bank, Natixis, BayernLB, BBVA Securities, ICBC London, SMBC Nikko Securities, Societe Generale.
#DeFundDAPL has provided contact details for the banks (and, in many cases, the name of the CEO).

11/30/16 PHD comic: 'Academic Apps'

Dec. 1st, 2016 07:09 am
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Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Academic Apps" - originally published 11/30/2016

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

11/28/16 PHD comic: 'At least'

Nov. 28th, 2016 03:27 pm
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Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "At least" - originally published 11/28/2016

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

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Dec. 10th, 2016 12:08 am
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In Amsterdam, Dutch Youth and Refugees Run a Housing Project Together

One of the First Hollywood Heartthrobs Was a Smoldering Japanese Actor. What Happened?

Forget About the Road. Why Are Chickens So Bad at Flying?

Searching for Lost Knowledge in the Age of Intelligent Machines

The Sweethome Guide to Menstrual Cups (tl;dr, they really like the MeLuna brand)

255-Million-Year-Old Tumor Is Oldest of its Kind

Visualizing a Full Day on the New York City Subway

How to Predict a Baby's First Word

The Greatest Civilisation Ever Forgotten?

The creative and forgotten fire escape designs of the 1800s. Some were more logical than others.

Up in the Air: Meet the Man Who Flies Around the World for Free

Trump Hasn't Said Much About Homelessness—and That's Making a Lot of People Nervous

How Adult Job Training Can Help Kids Learn

Cow gene study shows why most clones fail

Half of Americans are “shut off from economic growth”

The Struggle and Triumph of America's First Black Doctors

How (Almost) Everyone Failed to Prepare for Pearl Harbor

Journeying to Rikers Island by Bus (Tangent! Actual overheard conversation: "My wife called and asked me to pick up a copy of the [Staten Island] Advance. I told her I was up at Rikers. She said I could buy one there. Where, at the kiosk?")

Their Tube

Nearly a third of Republicans don’t know that Trump lost the popular vote

Unprepared: The Difficulty of Getting a Prescription for a Drug That Effectively Prevents HIV Infection

Amid government ignorance and equivocal science, Flint residents mold their lives around perpetual crisis and endless unanswerable questions.

Life and death in East Jerusalem's Palestinian Refugee Camp

The Strange Career of American Exceptionalism

We Talked to Experts About What Terms to Use for Which Group of Racists

Lock them in. Bill their insurer. Kick them out. How scores of employees and patients say America’s largest psychiatric chain turns patients into profits.

It’s not just painkillers and heroin. Americans have a growing alcohol problem too.

Russia and the Threat to Liberal Democracy

Russia Seen Moving New Missiles To Eastern Europe

Welcome to the age of anger

ISIS in the Caribbean

‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’: Inside President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines, our photojournalist documented 57 homicide victims over 35 days.

We haven't got time to be sensible

Dec. 10th, 2016 01:17 am
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I am home from seeing Busby Berkeley's The Gang's All Here (1943) at the HFA with [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel, [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks, and [personal profile] skygiants. I had remembered it fondly since 2012, but forgotten that it possesses the dreamlike quality of really weird film where remembering one outlandish sequence means you are forgetting three or four others, in my case including the children's chorus, the fake blackmail, and the entire wartime plot. Despite knowing perfectly well that the film was released in 1943, it had entirely slipped my mind that the pretext for the romance is the chance meeting between soldier James Ellison and showgirl Alice Faye right before he's shipped off to the Pacific to become a war hero, leaving a pining Faye and childhood sweetheart Sheila Ryan behind him. (How important is this love triangle? Berkeley settles it with a conversation half-overheard behind a hedge and the hero's father going off to clarify matters with him offscreen. No kisses, no clinches. No attempts even to shoehorn the romantic leads into the same shot. There are stranger things to spend that film stock on. "You can't keep the children waiting all night.") The fake blackmail is a glorious piece of melodrama staged by society wife Charlotte Greenwood and theatrical producer Phil Baker—old comrades from her "purple past" as a cabaret dancer in postwar Paris—in order to snooker her strait-laced husband Edward Everett Horton into letting daughter Ryan take a turn as a specialty dancer in Baker's new show, also co-starring Faye, which is going up at the homecoming party/war bonds rally in honor of the now-decorated Ellison, who I am afraid really is the least interesting person onscreen. The children's chorus are part of the finale, and it is true that their tiny polka-dotted bustles and bowties and overdubbing by an adult offstage chorus were very arresting in the moment, but I don't actually blame myself for blanking them out because the finale itself is "The Polka-Dot Polka," where Berkeley pulls out all the stops from neon to bluescreen to an actual kaleidoscope effect layered on top of his usual habit of choreographing women to look like one, and it sails right off the edge of Dada into the end titles and there's just not much to say about it except that I had failed to notice the first time around that the film is actually bookended with disembodied singing heads and I am delighted. Carmen Miranda is a joy throughout, even when she's just wearing spangly butterflies instead of the total fruit cargo of a steamship on her head. Benny Goodman looks consistently confused by the lyrics he is required to sing, which is fair, because "Minnie's in the Money" is forgettable and "Paducah" ("If you want to, you can rhyme it with bazooka / But don't pooh-pooh Paducah / It's another name for Paradise") is extremely confusing. Eugene Pallette gets to sing exactly one line in the finale and it is like somebody pulled out the organ stop for "bullfrog."

I love this movie so much and I find it essentially indescribable; none of the above statements are untrue, but they also make the film sound far more rational and conventional than it really is, even by the highly elastic standards of a 1940's movie musical, because the overwhelming impression left by The Gang's All Here is not a pleasant if ultimately disposable romance with good supporting characters and some socko numbers, it's wall-to-wall surrealism and metatheater and camp and above all Technicolor—it was Berkeley's first solo color film and he didn't just costume his actors to take eye-popping advantage, he turns fountains electric pink and argon violet just because he can. The realistic parts of this movie are not very real and they are not pretending to be. The fantastical parts of this movie gauge carefully where the top is and go over it every time. The theatricality of diegetic stage design and the theatricality of extra-diegetic movie sets parallax back and forth through each other like an optical illusion. A surprising number of punch lines are addressed to the fourth wall, as is almost all of Miranda's performance. The giant bananas, people. The giant bananas. The giant strawberries. Charlotte Greenwood's deadpan jitterbugging high kicks. Lipstick-plastered Edward Everett Horton experiencing sexual attraction to a woman ("Nobody's more surprised than I am!") for the first time in his life. Alice Faye's wry, yearning ballad about not getting any with her sweetheart away at war, performed on the most naturally dressed and realistically lit set in the entire movie, which naturally makes it a production number in rehearsal at the Club New Yorker. At one point Tony DeMarco—playing himself, like Goodman and Baker but not for whatever reason Miranda—fires off a volley of furious Italian and is sharply cautioned, "If you don't cut that out, the censors will!" I am amazed that the only actual censorship this movie seems to have suffered was a repositioning of the aforementioned giant bananas: once the scantily clad dancers held them a little higher than groin level, suddenly they weren't as Freudian as they look to everyone else? This movie is on beyond Minnelli. It renders me as incoherent as The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953). I hope to God Wittgenstein saw it at least once in his life. I didn't know where to buy a cold pork pie in Boston, so Rob and I took the Orange Line to Chinatown in the late afternoon and bought a quantity of really fine, fluffy char siu bao from Eldo Cake House, plus some lotus paste with preserved egg for later; I ate my pork bun through "The Lady in the Tutti-Frutti Hat" and it made me feel better about almost everything. See it in a theater, on film if you can; if you can't, I hope a Blu-Ray with a decent color balance at least exists in your country and you have a very large TV. This shower bath brought to you by my tutti-frutti backers at Patreon.

Goethite and Lots of Wax Carving

Dec. 9th, 2016 09:57 pm
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I’ve been working on a very painterly piece of Fordite that’s going to be a large tack (pin). I’m doing very subtle patterns in the wax that will set off the vivid colors in silver.

And I’ve finished the next to final version of a  7-section abstract asymmetrical silver and diamond necklace. Now I need to let it sit for a while before I make the final changes.

And I'm working on a major pendant/sculpture with a stunning opal.

The photograph is of a pendant set with rock crystal that has goethite inclusions. Only goethite would have the red flashes. (The white in the photo is a lamp reflection.) It’s about 1 inch high and the design is in silver.

Goethite (FeO(OH)), (pronunciation: /ˈɡɜːrtaɪt/ gur-tite) named after the German polymath and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749–1832), an iron bearing hydroxide mineral of the diaspore group, is found in soil and other low-temperature environments. Goethite has been well known since ancient times for its use as a pigment (brown ochre). Evidence has been found of its use in paint pigment samples taken from the caves of Lascaux in France. It was first described in 1806 based on samples found in the Hollertszug Mine.

This is from Wikepedia. I had no idea that the stone was named after Goethe.

I love the red flashes.

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1

Dec. 9th, 2016 10:38 pm
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Doctor Aphra is in deep debt to a crime syndicate.

Read more... )
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Thanks to a donation from [personal profile] janetmiles, there are 33 new verses in "The Sharpest Dose of Reality."  Pain's Gray realizes that Shiv hates the sparring match and calls a halt, in favor of discussing what Shiv does  like.  Knifeplay ensues, and this is where things begin to get really intense.
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and Ana is going to end up doing second round admissions after all. They make us hand in those things December 1st, why don't they give us the results before March!?


Recent discoveries have led some researchers to argue that the modern evolutionary synthesis needs to be amended.

The Lost Art of Painting on Cobweb Canvases

A Complex Portrait of Rural America

How Humans Lost Their Tail, Twice

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber

The secret history of black Santas

Mysterious Ocean Blob Found for First Time in a Century

Why Are People Seeing Red Over Spaghetti Bolognese?

Encounters with 'familiar strangers' play overlooked role in human interactions

There Are No More Secrets in Sperm Donation

All the World's a Prison

US returning land to Japan it's controlled since World War II

Doctors as taxi drivers: Untapped immigrant talent costs U.S. billions: research

The Persistent Inequality of Neighborhoods

Obama orders 'deep dive' of election-related hacking

The Hui - China's preferred Muslims?

Churches vow to offer sanctuary to people in US illegally

Under Trump, Sanctuary Cities May Not Be So Safe

The average US student takes more than 113 standardized tests before graduation. More and more are now saying: Enough.

Friday Night Lights Out: The Case for Abolishing High School Football

Inside the NFL's relentless, existential, Big Tobacco-style pursuit of your children.

When neo-Nazis have doubts, there's a number to call

Veterans Eye Flint Water Crisis as Next Target Following the Standing Rock Protests

New York Charters Enroll Fewer Homeless Pupils Than City Schools

Sexual harassment common among middle school children, study finds

Plastic island: How our trash is destroying paradise

Hoo Boy, Democrats Sure Do Hate Trump's Cabinet

After Texas Tech researchers discovered that windstorms may be spreading antibiotic-resistant bacteria from local feedlots, public health experts stood up and took notice. So did the Texas Cattle Feeders Association.

U.S. allies caution Trump on Syria strategy

As discussions on overhauling the nation’s criminal justice system have gained some traction in recent years, one of the main issues is what to do about prison sentencing. A new study looks at possibilities. More

Counting Transgender Lives: A comprehensive look at transgender murders since 2010. The number is rising — and likely far higher than we know.

Heroin deaths surpass gun homicides for the first time, CDC data shows

New CDC data understate accidental shooting deaths of kids

The massive amount of CO2 locked in our soil appears to be leaking

'Rhetoric of fascism' on rise in US, Europe, warns UN


Dec. 10th, 2016 03:53 am
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Posted by Mary Anne Mohanraj

Shout-out to Tiffany and Katy, who suggested that I stop by the local LGBT org’s monthly potluck dinner to collect signatures. The food was divine, the company was delightful, and in about fifteen minutes, I had another twenty-odd signatures, putting me at about forty-seven or so total, which I think is plenty. (25 is the minimum.) I was sad that I had to leave after two hours to relieve my sitter — the carol-singing was just getting going.

It was also refreshing / rejuvenating, in a way that’s hard to explain. So much of my life these days looks very straight, with the two kids and the husband. Most of the people I socialize with are straight families. They’re lovely people, but. After Pulse, I went to a rally in Boystown, and it reminded me that there’s a part of me that longs for queer spaces. It’s not easy to find time for that in my current life, but I do miss it. I wish we had a regular queer open mic or something like that in the area; I bet the teens and twenty-somethings would come. Maybe something to organize in the future.

I’m going to be hosting the potluck in March, which is something.

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He rebuilt a Centurion, because his ego was provoked.

He unveiled it to the Fleet.

He brought it online, and it took a knee.. before Sharon Valerii (not the one who was Boomer, but the one who would later be Athena), the tolerated Cylon prisoner.

That was a surprise. )

Offal is not awful

Dec. 10th, 2016 03:51 am
[syndicated profile] languagelog_feed

Posted by Victor Mair

My son sent me this wonderful, learned post called "The best bits" from the "Old European culture" blog (12/7/2015).  It begins:

Offal, also called variety meats or organ meats, refers to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal. The word does not refer to a particular list of edible organs, which varies by culture and region, but includes most internal organs excluding muscle and bone.

The word shares its etymology with several Germanic words: Frisian ôffal, German Abfall (offall in some Western German dialects), afval in Dutch and Afrikaans, avfall in Norwegian and Swedish, and affald in Danish. These Germanic words all mean "garbage", or —literally— "off-fall", referring to that which has fallen off during butchering. However, these words are not often used to refer to food with the exception of Afrikaans in the agglutination afvalvleis (lit. "off-fall-meat") which does indeed mean offal. For instance, the German word for offal is Innereien meaning innards. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word entered Middle English from Middle Dutch in the form afval, derived from af (off) and vallen (fall).

Where this post gets really interesting is when the author starts to talk about chyme and rennet and their relationship to the origins of cheese, which is one of mankind's greatest inventions.  Note that " The most important enzyme in traditional calf rennet is chymosin (derived from the Greek word 'chyme' meaning gastric liquid)…", for which see here.

In some cultures, dishes made from offal — such as the smalahove of Norway and certain versions of brawn (head cheese) in Denmark — are specialties of the Christmas season, so it is particularly appropriate to write about this subject now.

I asked a small group of friends that includes a couple of Scotsmen whether we may consider haggis a kind of offal.  One of them replied:  "Well, offal made delicious. I think France is most concerned over BRexit because it could cut off their supply of tax free Haggis."

"Waste not, want not".

[h.t. Thomas Krishna Mair; thanks to Gene Hill]

spork of fooding

Dec. 9th, 2016 10:26 pm
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Of possible interest to the foodies among you, a foodie blog: Sushi, Coffee, Cake.

In other news, we are in desperate need of winter coats if we are going to visit upstate NY for the holidays...I foresee shopping this weekend. :] (I love the hexarcoat, but I don't think it's going to be warm enough for possibly-snow.)

Poem: "One Nation, Indivisible"

Dec. 9th, 2016 10:19 pm
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This poem came out of the December 6, 2016 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] chanter_greenie and [personal profile] janetmiles, based on this image.

"One Nation, Indivisible"

In the wake of unrest,
the citizens are left
wondering what they
can do to help.

Each of them comes
to the problem bearing
their own set of skills.

It is the poet with her pen
who spreads words of wisdom,
for teaching techniques of peace is
one sure way to undermine warmongers.

It is the water warriors
who place their lives on the line
to stop a pipe that could leak oil
into the drinking water of thousands.

It is the signmaker
who goes into his shop
and makes a sign to hold
outside of his local mosque:

You belong. Stay strong.
Be blessed. We are
one America.

Across the continents
there are centers of energy,
engines of civilization which
help humanity to lift itself up
to new and dazzling heights.

Such saw the construction of
the Constitution and then the birth of
the United States as one nation, indivisible.

The engines of civilization are powerful --
they can surround hatred and dismantle
its forces piece by piece and limb from limb --

but like any machine, someone has to turn them on.

* * *


The title of this poem comes from the original Pledge of Allegiance.  You can also read about the Constitution.

Celebrate the victory of Standing Rock.

In divisive times, you can help by promoting peace and unity.

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I'm really not at all prepared to talk about what a big fucking deal this is, but this is a VERY BIG FUCKING DEAL, so I'm just. Gonna go read some porn. Not even joking. I woke up and things had turned awful overnight (Trump doesn't mind Hitler comparisons@!!~!!#!@#!!!!!!!!!!!), and now I'm going to bed and I'm really not certain democracy is going to ride out through Barack Obama's term in office. What. the. actual. fucking. hell.
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So here we are with the conclusion of Miles' first title. After this there was the three-issue Cataclysm tie-in and then 'Miles Morales Spider-Man' before leading into 'Secret War' in which Miles moved to 616 (or whatever Marvel wants us to call it.)  This is a good drop-off point as any but if people want me to continue I will.

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