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So I had a really not-good day at work today. Things bothered me that shouldn't have, and other things didn't go my way for odd reasons, and the phoning gods were agin me (RIDICULOUS amounts of wrong numbers today, like seriously ridiculous). And then I got on the bus home, and there was a girl talking to someone on her phone, trying to estimate how long before she got home. I asked where she was going, and told her how long it would take; and then we got chatting.

She was smart and switched on. She was interested in politics, and she had opinions. She was passionate about what she believed in and she wanted to enthuse other young people... she really cheered me up, frankly, after all the cynicism and world-weary no-point-doing-anything stuff I hear on a regular basis.

So thank you, girl on the bus, for giving this jaded old political hack some hope on a bleak evening. I really value that, and will continue to do so, even if we never meet again.

Thank you.

3 things that amused me this week

Aug. 29th, 2014 08:44 pm
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There is a letting agent whose sign I pass on my commute, called Let's Rent Cambridge.  Every time I see the sign, I find myself thinking "what, all of Cambridge?"

Tony was 40 earlier this week and we had a meal at the Cambridge Smokehouse, where the Eraina used to be.  This is a great restaurant if you like meat with your meat and some meat, and I love the "ping a light for service" approach.

I have a new fitness-monitoring-wristband thing (Fitbit Flex for those that care), and my slow overfull waddle back from the Smokehouse was classed by it as "intense activity".  I slightly fear what it will make of my running, when I next manage it.

Make it up as we go along

Aug. 29th, 2014 03:44 pm
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] rushthatspeaks, my best cousin, my love. Rilke wrote this. It always makes me think of you.

Mein scheuer Mondschatten spräche gern
mit meinem Sonnenschatten von fern
in der Sprache der Toren:
mitten drin ich, ein beschienener Sphinx,
Stille stiftend, nach rechts und links
hab ich die beiden geboren.

My shy moonshadow would like to speak
with my sunshadow from far away
in the language of fools:
I in between, an illuminated sphinx,
bestowing silence, to the right and left
I have given birth to both.

(untitled, 1922)
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Posted by Fred Clark

• Congressional candidate Jody Hice loves the Founding Fathers, which is why he voraciously reads and shares everything they post to Facebook.

Pat Robertson prompted me to look at this chart:


See that there on the right? That is, unmistakably, a “W.”

Anyway, now that the stock market has soared past all those previous peaks, we just have to sit back and wait for all this prosperity to trickle down, right?

• From Mychal Denzel Smith, a reminder that “It’s OK to sit one out.” Yes. That’s not to say it’s OK to sit everything out, and it’s not to ignore that being a bystander isn’t really sitting out at all (injustice can’t survive without plenty of bystanders).

But everybody doesn’t have to do everything all the time. It’s all connected — “an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.” Find your role and do your part, but don’t think you have to do every part.

• Glad to see that You Can’t Take It With You — the Kaufman & Hart comedy that won a Pulitzer Prize for drama and an Academy Award for best picture — is being revived on Broadway. James Earl Jones is playing Grandpa with Rose Byrne as Alice Sycamore. Whedonverse staple Fran Kranz will be playing Tony Kirby (a role made famous by Jimmy Stewart, Barry Bostwick, and me, among others).

The play is now a period piece, and some of the humor now seems a bit dated. Kaufman and Hart also sand the edges off of some of their best jokes by fuzzying up Grandpa’s critique of the pursuit of wealth so that it never gets specifically “political.” Still, though, the theme of that title remains true, and I’m a sucker for running gags based on the Sermon on the Mount: “If you want to, come on over and be a lily too.”

This one’s for ReverendRef: “Being a public address announcer is an opportunity to show people that priests can be real and alive in other places than around the church or the parish.”

• The Good News: I got that huge jungle of weeds cleared out in the corner of the yard by the gate. The Bad News. I’m gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion …

• The ice-bucket thing has made this a banner year for fundraising to find a cure for ALS. My guess is that this will only add to that:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Why People Learn Not to Ask for Help

Aug. 29th, 2014 01:48 pm
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I came across this post today, illustrating a key reason why people learn not to ask for help: because when they do, they don't get it. Person A describes a frustrating situation and asks specific questions about how to solve certain parts of the problem. Person B says, no, those things aren't problems, you should be doing MORE of them not less, and take these steps to do more of them.

That is the opposite of help.

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T-1 day to vacation

Aug. 29th, 2014 03:26 pm
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I'm checked in for my flight tomorrow and have the last batch of food in the dehydrator at home right now (I thought the overnight soup would be the last batch, but it dried down to barely over 1 serving so I put in most of the leftovers this morning - it was thicker so should yield more). I did my laundry last night and am done all the shopping I need to do here - I have to hit up a store in Jackson to get white gas and matches/lighter and maybe bear spray (kinda sorta don't want to mess with it though they're advising hikers to carry it) since I can't fly with them. Though I do need to stop at the grocery store for another pack of ziplock bags tonight since I got very precise about individually bagged meals. I "just" have to pack tonight, which will probably involve lots of hopping on and off the scale while holding my pack and reminding myself that every additional pound at sea level is going to really suck at 10k feet.

In the spirit of letting someone know where I'll be at all times (since I'm going solo):
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I keep having little moments of "omg what are you doing???", especially when I read reports of bear activity or a hiker falling in the northern part of the park. This is definitely a go big or go home first solo expedition, it'll be an adventure. :-) At least the weather forecast looks a bit nicer for next week: no rain after Sunday, highs of 20C, lows of 3C, and oh, look, nothing over 20kph for wind forecasts. *happy dance* :-) Still bringing rain and snow gear of course though. The web cams are looking good, though not really pointing where I'll be. Oh, here we go, this has a view of the top of the gondola/tram where I'll be starting.

Life update

Aug. 29th, 2014 11:52 am
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I am a bear of little brain right now, and I am deeply envious of all of you who are committing to the post-every-day challenge. I can't do that, but I can do this:

  • I returned to full-time work and my arms promptly got worse again. They have now plateaued (pain level about 3) and I am afraid to add any more things that I love (dancing! vidding! typing to you!) until I see the doc in two weeks. I'm hoping for a referral to a nerve specialist.

  • Jobhunting is a full-time job and I already have one of those, so I am exhausted. Seeing lots of cool amazing things and applied for my Dream Job, which is so exciting! But wow, too much talking to people. I'm giving away all my lunches and evenings to telling people my life story and constructing a look for interviews. This is expensive and tiring, but worth it, in the long run. Also, I look really sharp right now.

  • I am bursting with vid ideas/collabs/pet creative projects and I am trying to inch them forward without actually using my hands. Voice-controlled software does not work well for me. That thing where you can just beam thoughts from your brain into the computer? I want that. As an alternative, I will be pestering collab partners to Skype with me.

  • P.'s job is imploding even more than mine.

  • Palatino has decided, since my last hair adventure, that my hair is DELICIOUS and he is now seizing every opportunity to chew on my head. This is not conducive to relaxing or sleeping. It's a good thing he's adorable. I'm hoping to wear him out this weekend with our first leash-training session.

  • The songwriter of "Transparent", Duncan Wright, contacted me out of the blue to tell me how much he liked my vid and to offer more songs of his to use in my work. Warm fuzzies all day, I have to say. This is the third time an artist has expressed appreciation of one of my vids and granted permission for me to use their music. More motivation to vid the obscure.

  • I miss you guys.


Aug. 29th, 2014 07:57 pm
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Fizz and home made peach juice: yum!

(Yesterday, I made edlerberry and blackberry cordial, with cinnamon and cloves. Also tasty, but I think more of a drink to have with hot water than with fizz.)

Jack Kirby's Diversity

Aug. 29th, 2014 01:24 pm
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Here's a lovely look at several of Jack Kirby's characters of diversity, made with Stan Lee but these are ones primarily driven by Jack.  

Note that Ben Grimm is a double-tap for being Jewish and lower/working class.  As the Thing, he is also a man of color -- even though color-changed characters may have grown up white, they pick up the chromatic stigma of not being white anymore and it really shows in how people treat them.  Also worth considering is the way that Jack characterized Ben as Jewish for years before it was safe to come right out and say that.  Sometimes I tag the ethnicity or religion of my characters openly, but often it's just there in the name, location, physical description, etc.

I always liked the technological aspect of Black Panther, which so often gets overlooked.  After having discovered Odinani, the sacred science of Nigeria, I kind of wonder if that played in.

Good for her?

Aug. 29th, 2014 02:16 pm
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Burmese beauty queen 'vanishes with tiara' from pageant
A Burmese beauty queen who was stripped of her title for allegedly being rude and dishonest has run off with the £60,000 jewelled crown from a South Korea-based pageant, according to organisers.

May Myat Noe is said to have vanished from the competition after officials were adamant that she have breast enhancement surgery.
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Red Planet

1949's Red Planet takes us to a Mars far more habitable than the real one, an inviting if challenging world whose ancient civilization seems to have little issue sharing Mars with a handful of human colonists from Earth. Changes are coming for the colonists, changes that will cast a stark light on the assumptions the humans have about their hosts.

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OTW Fannews: Terms in Use

Aug. 29th, 2014 12:28 pm
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Magnifying glass over a dictionary with text that reads OTW Fannews Terms in Use
Fans are always creating and using new terms, but not everyone understands them in the same way. http://bit.ly/1vucSQ6

I yawn over the predictability

Aug. 29th, 2014 12:50 pm
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(Mostly) male reporters doubt Gillibrand's account of sexual harassment unless she names names, which she of course has a responsibility to do. Let it never be allowed that a woman discuss her experience on terms not dictated by men.
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Posted by John Scalzi

Over at Huffington Post, writer David M. Perry takes a look at Lock In, with special emphasis on how disability matters are handled in the book — because, after all, the protagonist is someone who is “locked in” and uses technology to interact with the world. “To my knowledge, this is the first science fiction novel based largely around the complexities of providing reasonable accommodations for disability,” Perry writes.

I’m not sure I would make such a claim myself (the SF field is vast and someone probably has essayed this particular topic before), but I will say it was an aspect of the book that I, as someone who does not suffer from any disability greater than nearsightedness, was well aware was territory that would allow me to show how little I actually knew about it. I expect that there are subtleties that I’ve missed and things I’ve gotten wrong — and I expect I’ll hear about those and see the criticisms about them online.

Which, actually, will be fine, and for which I am ready to take copious notes for when (or if) I ever do a sequel to Lock In. This is a field which I am happy to know more about, from people who have to live in it. In the meantime, Perry’s article seems like a good first response to the novel from that direction. Check it out.

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Posted by John Scalzi

Chapel Hill is just a short jaunt from Raleigh, so I didn’t have to get in an airplane, I just got into a car and was driven. Hooray! Not that I don’t love air travel, mind you. But a nice little trip in a car is good, too.

Afternoon: Catching up with friends. This evening. Me at Flyleaf Books, at 7pm. If you’re in Chapel Hill, won’t you please come by? And bring everyone you know? It’ll be fun. This is the fourth stop on the tour. I’ve got it all down now. You will be entertained.

Tomorrow: Decatur, and the Decatur Book Festival. My event will be 4:15 at the Decatur Recreation Center Gym. Should be fun!

I have found it

Aug. 29th, 2014 11:48 am
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The webcomic that, in four panels, completely explains the Millstone Space Opera:
Stupidfox: Boom

(I am in love with Stupidfox!)

Saw Lear in Stratford, ON last night

Aug. 29th, 2014 12:15 pm
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I think I saw the point in the play at which Shakespeare suddenly realized Regan and Goneril were more sympathetic than Lear.
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Paul Dierden in every episode - Variations Under Domestication [0106]

“Not triplets, genetic identicals.”


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