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I found CBT useful for anxiety, because my anxiety was such that being able to look at the situation and remind myself "the worst that will happen is that you're late for the eye doctor, and they either see you anyway or reschedule" and "yes, you went to the wrong bus stop, but you also allowed enough time that you caught the bus anyway" actually helped.

But in addition to individualizing responsibility, I suspect there's a certain amount of "there are a lot of problems that are kind of vaguely the same thing (i.e., they fall under mental health), and here's a tool that has actually been proven to work sometimes, so let's try using this hammer to fasten a nut, and do some wood carving."

I will also note here that CBT wasn't the only approach my therapist used; some of it was discussing details of the situation, recognizing that it bothered me, and having a safe place to be unhappy about things that weren't going to change barring major medical breakthroughs. (Being angry at something that a person or group of people have done is different, in my experience, from being angry at what my own immune system has done: there's no volition in the latter case, and no independent consciousness to try to persuade.)
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