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Date: 2017-02-12 05:05 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hairyears
Let me give you a quick talking-point, a soundbite answer for whenever you need it.

"Whenever I hear that fascists should have freedom of speech, I hear 'Surely, in a free society, I should be free to sell myself into slavery'..."

I'll let you pick out the logical fallacies: they are intentional.

My 'take' on it is that free societies don't have slavery, and their citizens can't have a 'freedom' to end freedom. Not even for themselves, for what does the existence of slavery do to their now-unfree society?*

Likewise, Fascists don't 'speak' - not as argument, or information, or the free exchange of ideas - they regard public speech as a tool to normalise and promote the violent suppression of freedom, including the freedom of speech.

Arguing for free 'speech' from a fascist is very, very close to calling for the 'right' to be a slave; and it is absolutely the equivalent if it means permitting cost-free speech that imposes very heavy costs on others. Or imposes real danger, as Zoe Quinn would know; or death, as Jo Cox would tell you, were she not the first Member of Parliament to have been murdered by a committed and self-identifying fascist.

*Watch out for the fallacious counter-argument that they are free walk away from slavery, as if it were merely a matter of detachable manacles. No they're not, and that's the point: it's slavery.
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