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2017-08-29 01:32 pm
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Militant defense against fascism is a moral imperative

Quoting this in its entirety because it's important. Also see my prior post "Why We Fight: Frequently Asked Questions".

[CW: domestic violence]

Thread from [twitter.com profile] quicksilvre:

'Thinking about the trend of trying to explain away antifascist violence as “random.” It’s anything but random. It’s very precisely targeted

There is literally only one reason an antifascist would be violent towards you: you are a fascist

I mean, human beings are human beings and we’re complex and we never only have one reason for doing anything but still

People don’t commit antifascist violence except in response to fascist violence. Antifascists are not roaming, looking for punching targets

Antifascists are showing up where proud fascists are making public displays of force and making their own public displays of force.

If you don’t want to get punched by an antifascist, it’s simple: don’t go to white supremacist rallies and don’t own white power symbols

It’s not ~oppression~ if you can’t be out & proud about your belief that white people are just ~better~ without the risk of being punched

Getting punched for participating in a white supremacist rally is not oppression, it’s reasonable social consequences

Not being able to express your belief that groups of people are “lesser” & should be done away with without facing violence isn’t oppression

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect a violent response to the expression of hate speech because hate speech is itself violence

& no, you cannot “both sides” this bullshit because “I will fight the people who want me dead” is NOT THE SAME as “I want people dead”

We have tolerated the lie that all speech is worth protecting for far too long. Do not “slippery slope” this bullshit either.

We have people openly planning white supremacist rallies in our country. Openly supporting people who write books advocating genocide.

White supremacist speech, white supremacist writing, white supremacist marching - IT IS NOT PEACEFUL. WHITE SUPREMACY IS NOT NONVIOLENT.

Even before these fascists killed people (and Heather Heyer was far from their first murder, you can be sure) their words were violent

This idea that ~all~ speech must be tolerated in the name of free speech comes from the fallacy that words cannot be violent by themselves

Words can be violent all on their own. Even if these fascists weren’t marching in the streets with guns, their threats are still threats

When they say “I want ~those people~ dead or out of my country” that is, in fact, a threat. They want ~those people~ to be scared.

When they say “those people are what’s wrong with this country” they want those people to feel unsafe around them.

Speech that is intended to make people fear for their lives/safety IS NEVER PEACEFUL. It doesn’t have to be physical to be violent.

[TW: DV] When an abuser cracks their knuckles while talking about how upset they are w/you, that is violent, even if they’ve never hit you

[TW: DV] They don’t even have to raise their voice. They just have to make you understand that they could hurt you if they wanted to.

So, too, these “dapper” fascists with book deals and speaking engagements are committing violence without raising their voice or fists

It is inherently violent to avow that what’s wrong in the world should be blamed on everyone but the ones with systemic power.

It is inherently violent to say that such people should be “taught their place” & to say that white people’s “place” should be at the top.

In a just world, the people saying these things would have been met with such ridicule and resistance that there wouldn’t be books by them

But they weren’t, so we have them writing books and giving speeches and developing followings that march in the street for their “beliefs”

We have them claiming that gathering to support expression of these “beliefs” is a “peaceful demonstration” rather than an unsubtle threat

We have the cops working as private security for their beloved leaders and standing by, passive, while they shoot at us, hit us with cars

We have them trying to hide their gatherings so they can pretend they marched without community resistance

& when they fail, when the antifascists show up anyway, they call them violent because, abloobloo, they were just doing a ~peaceful march~


If we didn’t have a white supremacist state allowing this violence, there wouldn’t be a need for black bloc antifascist violence in response

But we have cops literally throwing tear gas at protestors for showing up in opposition to fascists, so we need violent resistance

And here’s where I bring it back around to my original point: fascists and quislings need us to believe that antifascist violence is random

Because if it’s not random, then we’ve got actual goddamn fascists marching in the street and somebody is doing something about that

And that somebody is NOT our cops and NOT our military, it’s pissed-off cockroach motherfuckers in black masks - and we should be helping

If you can’t help by putting on your own mask and putting yourself between cops and actually peaceful protestors you can still help

Help by pushing back against the “antifascists are the ~real fascists~” bullshit, wherever you encounter it.

Help by pushing back against the “there’s violence on both sides so IDK” false equivalence. Help by making people choose a side.

Help by making it impossible for the people who think centrism is reasonable to ignore the fact that their centrism supports the fascists.

Help by making it clear that you know - not “believe,” KNOW - that white supremacist speech is violent & that you won’t tolerate it.

Help by cancelling your donation to the ACLU and saving it for the next bail fund. Help by telling the ACLU why they can’t have your money

Help by making it crystal fucking clear that white supremacy has no place in any space you moderate & by making examples of any who try it

& if you can’t do any of that, you can at least help by getting out of the fucking way of the people who can.

& here’s the thing: I’m nobody special. I’m no kind of expert in anything. Everything in this thread has been said before, by others.

I’m yelling about this because even if nobody listens, I have to say it for my own sake

Because the temptation to believe these “both sides” “just words” “heritage not hate” narratives so I can believe things are fine is STRONG

I want to believe things aren’t so bad that black bloc NEEDS to be standing between cops and peaceful protestors, but THINGS ARE THAT BAD.

White supremacists are marching in the streets with police protection and living in the White House and millions of Americans are terrified

The people who are terrified aren’t overreacting. The people who use violence to resist violence aren’t overreacting.

You’re either with the people fighting for everyone’s right to feel safe, or you’re with the people fighting to make people feel unsafe.

There is no in-between. There is no compromise. There is no middle ground. You’re either with the antifascists, or you’re with the fascists.

Anybody who says otherwise is a liar, a coward, or a fascist - or possibly all three'