Dec. 18th, 2012

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Today I am 32! And a total of 26 people were generous enough to donate to the Ada Initiative to celebrate. Thanks again to [personal profile] juli, [personal profile] etb, Henry Andrews, [personal profile] miang, [personal profile] yam, Liyang Hu, [personal profile] cidney, [personal profile] nentuaby, [ profile] leilazilles, [personal profile] pseudomonas, [ profile] davidcarr_2001, [personal profile] pastwatcher, [ profile] anemone, [ profile] gwillen, [personal profile] kyriacarlisle, [personal profile] sonia, [ profile] DRMacIver, [personal profile] agent_dani, [ profile] aeolianharp, [ profile] scazon, [ profile] wilkieii, [ profile] GreenSkyOverMe, [ profile] another_order, [personal profile] ivy, [personal profile] joxn, and Tash Shatz. And a special shout out to [ profile] chrisamaphone and everybody else who donated to the Ada Initiative earlier in the year, too! I'd said I would post something apropos every day until 20 people donated, but that only ended up requiring me to write two posts, because y'all are awesome! :-) (There's a third one in the works that I'm going to finish and post anyway, though.)

If you want to find out where your money is going, keep following TAI's home page, which is updated regularly.
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Like with my previous surgery posts, some disclaimers apply (these are modified from the ones in the last post):

  1. I like to be open even about things many people consider private, and that means I'm okay with writing about intimate details about my body and my sexuality in public. I'm okay with sharing these details with anyone who might stumble upon them. But you may not be comfortable with reading about them. I'm expecting this will mainly apply to people who know me in particular contexts.

  2. There's actually both less gore and less sexy stuff in this post than in the previous ones. But if you're really squeamish or don't want to know anything intimate about me, still don't read it.

  3. Just because I'm sharing these details doesn't mean it's okay to ask any other trans person about surgery they've had, surgery you think they may have had, surgery you think they should have, anything else about surgery, or any intimate details about their bodies that you wouldn't ask someone who wasn't trans who you knew only casually. So don't do that! We're not all alike, and I am not going to be the one who gives any cis people an excuse to ask other trans people invasive questions. In fact, there are a lot of situation in which I don't want to discuss the contents of this post, even with people who I'm comfortable having read it: in the office, in church, on VTA Light Rail, and so on. So use the same judgment you'd use when bringing up any other sensitive topic.

Keeping those disclaimers in mind, read on... )


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