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We're down to ten pending pull requests, which is the lowest it's been in a while!

It's hard to know what to write today, since it seems like I spent most of the day merging pull requests. Or trying to. Merging a pull request: if it looks OK from reading it on github, and it merges cleanly, I just click merge. If I'm worried, I pull it as a new branch and run the testsuite on my machine. Several times today, a test failed, which means someone didn't run the full testsuite (understandable since it can take an hour...) or else there was a conflict between their code and another recent change. I decided today I really wanted to clear out pull requests, so I would fix things myself instead of asking the submitter to fix the problem and submit a new pull request. I am particularly proud of merging this library fix, for which I had to read the comments several times just to figure out what was needed. (I blame sleep deprivation, not the commenters.)

Also, I worked a little bit on this bug relating to our syntactic sugar for for loops. The syntactic sugar is very nice, but in this case it leads to a confusing error message that takes some thought as to how to get straight (due to the baroqueness of our for construct).
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