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Date: 2012-11-20 09:21 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] juli
This is perhaps not as fully-formed of a thought as yours, and I apologize if so. Turning TDoR into a ~celebration of genderdiversity~ is certainly problematic, as is the way that it is used by activists to inflate their own positions. But I think that mourned with appropriate anger it can be good. In my experience, even though the violence does disproportionately target trans women of color, its understanding is seen as a matter of being trans, and not just within the circles of queer activists. When young trans women of color are killed, cis white people will happily sympathize with the attackers and blame the victim on account of the fact that trans people are inherently deceptive, or otherwise on account of their having the audacity to exist while trans. This dehumanization may come more easily when attached to people of color, but I do not think that is exclusive, and I do not think it is beneficial to pretend that that conceptualization of trans people as people who are asking for it is merely an extension of race, or should be neglected in favor of talking in such specificities that the generality cannot be addressed. The fact that TDoR is seen as controversial because it is a "trans thing" is a problem. The fact that being in favor of murder is acceptable in polite company as long as the person is trans is a problem, even if the reality of the people who are murdered can be categorized more limitedly to trans women of color. Even if you can find finer and finer categories to get a closer fit to the violence, the acceptance of the violence on the basis of a set of broader categories must be confronted. I've talked to a few LGB activists about observing TDoR and am met with a suggestion that "people" aren't ready for that. Apparently people aren't ready to consider that murdering a trans person is murdering a person. There has to be instruction and teaching around trans identity, or so I'm told. It does not do violence to trans women of color to confront one of the factors that leads to the social acceptance of their murders by people who might otherwise have the decency to be outraged, but have been coddled by LGB activists who are themselves convinced that trans people are not people. It is, to my mind anyway, not about raising the profile of trans people in general, but about refusing to be silent about tacit and explicit deference to the idea that there are certain ways in which a person may exist which makes it defensible, acceptable or good to kill them.
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