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Today, I did bug triage, for the first time in five weeks (I'd been skipping it due the release.) That meant... a lot of bugs. Since we now have a handy list of priorities for 0.5, I made an 0.6 milestone and moved most things to it that didn't seem to fit the priorities (except for ICEs, those are always important).

After that, I hadn't had enough, so I went through some of the *very* old bugs in the database again; most of them are still quite valid. (Though most are enhancements rather than bugs.)

Then, I went through all the FIXMEs in the code and made sure the issue numbers were still valid. In some cases I could just delete the comment because we decided to give up on the issue. In other cases, the issue had been closed and I tried to fix the code to take advantage of whatever feature was now working -- sometimes I ran into another issue, and gave up in the interest of getting through everything today. In still other cases, I was actually able to fix something :-)

After a lot of that, I briefly looked at the reference manual, but only had time to edit two sections.

Tomorrow, maybe we're releasing? Not that I know.
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