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Today, I worked a little bit more on issue 2428. In a patch I haven't pushed yet since the tree is frozen-except-for-release-blockers, you can now use named constants in discriminator expressions. What doesn't work yet is getting a proper error message when you try to refer to some non-constant named thing in a discriminator.

But in our weekly meeting, we agreed to spend some time working on docs before we release Rust 0.4 later this week. So, I copy-edited the FFI, tasks, and macro tutorials, as well as the beginning of the borrowed pointer tutorial. (No links for these, as the copy of the docs on the web site is quite out-of-date.) This experience was quite instructive for me, since tasks and macros are two features of Rust that I basically haven't used at all :-) I love editing other people's writing, but the one thing about it I find frustrating is transferring notes from the paper to the screen, as I can never seem to edit effectively on the computer. Maybe that's where one of those tablet devices would help.

Edit: If anyone is interested in reading and commenting on docs, you could read the sub-tutorials on macros, the foreign function interface, tasks, or borrowed pointers. You don't need to know anything about Rust, but there's also the overall tutorial in case anything is confusing. These aren't the up-to-date versions that I just edited, but they're close, and I'd love to hear about anything that's unclear or confusing!


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