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The problem with pointing out that there's something a little bit off about somebody telling you to be more respectful, and telling you to (verbatim) "shut the fuck up" in the same paragraph, is that there's just no way to point that out without looking like a jerk.

(Yes, I know that it's probably just as obvious to everybody else as it is to me, and hence there's no need to point it out -- but I'm a programmer; my job is to restate the obvious.)

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Date: 2012-05-04 03:15 pm (UTC)
luinied: This is from the Sega Saturn game, which I haven't played. (dark)
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Does it seem like they believe in the sort of politeness where there a lot of very specific rules which you assume everyone knows, and as soon as someone else breaks one of them - for any reason - you're allowed to break all of them back in retaliation? Because, man, I hate that.


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